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17-October-2018 | Page 1 of 5 | Daily Crossword Puzzle Answers

  1. all-girl-group, Once Went By The Name Primettes
  2. facts, Materials Given To Prove Guilt Or Innocence
  3. city Where The Novel Birth Of Venus Takes Place
  4. le __, Daily Tabloid Based In French Capital
  5. butter Substitute
  6. deep Cracks In The Earths Surface
  7. board Game Where Players Buy Houses And Hotels
  8. inflammation Of The Intestines
  9. the Former Female Singer Of The Black Eyed Peas
  10. psychedilc Rock Band, The Wall
  11. in The Manner Of A True Professional
  12. __, Ny: A Frequent Summer Retreat For Mark Twain
  13. to Crown A Sovereign
  14. songs In Musical Theater
  15. lining Of A Cloud
  16. cohost Of The 2018 Tony Awards: Singer Josh __
  17. software That Tracks And Reports Your Keystrokes
  18. astrological Sign With A Bull As Its Symbol
  19. dense Growth Of Bushes And Trees
  20. stun Grenade To Visually And Audibly Disorientate
  21. highest Mountain In Antarctica: __ Massif
  22. __ City, State Of The Holy See
  23. mountain Range, The Border Between Europe And Asia
  24. domestic Cat, Without Long Fur
  25. salt Used To Dry Out Bodies Before Mummification
  26. round Lunar Presence
  27. moderator, Middle Person, Peacemaker
  28. hot Indian Curry Dish
  29. paleontology Is The Study Of These
  30. precious Blue Stone
  31. bereft Of Courage; Spinelessness
  32. detector Of Lies
  33. goddess To Whom The Parthenon Was Dedicated
  34. portuguese Explorer Killed In The Philippines
  35. egyptian Hippo Goddess, Stands On Two Feet
  36. steeping; E.g. Putting Fruit Into Water
  37. not A Realistic Option
  38. only Great Lake Located Entirely Within The U.s.
  39. spanish Coastal City, Birthplace Of Paella
  40. italian Architect Who Built In Classic Roman Style
  41. facial Expression Conveyed Through Symbol
  42. the __ View Has Warren Beatty As A Reporter
  43. the Study Of Wines
  44. sri Lanka Prior To 1972
  45. sealed In A Cylindrical Metal Container
  46. words Of Encouragement
  47. exercise Done Face Down, Moving Away From The Floor
  48. price Of A Plane Ticket
  49. memory Loss Sometimes Caused By Emotional Trauma
  50. largest City In French-speaking Switzerland
  51. astronaut Who Hit A Golf Ball On The Moon: Alan __
  52. pacify, Placate Someone
  53. greek Hero Who Was Dipped In The River Styx
  54. striptease Variety Show
  55. kate Hudsons Also Actress Mother, __ Hawn
  56. leave Something To Someone In A Will
  57. island Off Coast Of Africa, Tanzanian Archipelago
  58. euphoric
  59. shakespeares Play With A Character Named Banquo
  60. pretty Woman Star, Julia __
  61. roman Amphitheater
  62. former General Mills Rival, Now Its Subsidiary
  63. americans Supporting Britain During The Revolution
  64. jurassic World Is Inhabited By Them
  65. competitive Sport Which Fina Oversees
  66. north London Football Club, Or Weapons Stash
  67. tip, Bonus
  68. in Italian, It Means "in The Open Air"
  69. refute, Debunk
  70. international Police Force
  71. sucks Nutrients Out Of Its Host
  72. glass Vessel Used To Separate Wine From Sediment
  73. baseball Position Designated By The Letters Ss
  74. fight Club And Troy Actor
  75. to Cunningly Outwit
  76. singer Nancys Crooner Dad, Frank __
  77. moses __, Small Crib For Newborn
  78. the Breaking Up Of A Group Or Crowd
  79. horse That Won The Triple Crown In 2018
  80. __ Movement, 1960s Mexican Civil Rights Movement
  81. alcohol
  82. country Owning Alaska Before It Joined The U.s.
  83. the American Flag Has 13 Of Them
  84. jupiters Largest Satellite
  85. household Cleaning Device Turned Percussion
  86. name That The Ancient Romans Gave To Scotland
  87. most Abundant Metal In The Earths Crust
  88. a Bangle, Worn On The Wrist
  89. remove All Luggage From Ones Suitcases
  90. a Mentors Student
  91. alluring Female Bunny In Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  92. box For Collecting Road Taxes
  93. take Over, Swamp, Overwhelm
  94. extinct Mammal, Similar To An Elephant
  95. playwright Who Wrote The Tragicomedy Cyclops
  96. annual Calendar Based On The Moon Cycle
  97. car Technician
  98. wearable Gas-powered Flying Device
  99. mirth, Amusement
  100. fictional Professor In Sherlock Holmes Stories

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