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18-October-2018 | Page 1 of 5 | Daily Crossword Puzzle Answers

  1. chinese-born Immigrants To Malaysia, Singapore Etc
  2. boundary Between States Or Countries
  3. an Altercation Between Women
  4. creation, Beginning, Origin
  5. in A Reverse Direction
  6. cordial
  7. transfer Data Onto A Computer
  8. light-colored Shades, Often Seen In Springtime
  9. book With A Soft, Flexible Cover
  10. song That Mentions Father Mckenzie: __ Rigby
  11. asian Mint Used As A Perfume
  12. temporary Technical Malfunction
  13. broken Bit Of Road That Needs Filling
  14. control Exerted To Restrain Impulses
  15. "a Friend In Need Is A Friend ____"
  16. gains Money By Deception
  17. influence, Make A Difference To
  18. group Of Holding Rooms In A Jail
  19. building Janitor
  20. french War Leader, Commander Of The National Guard
  21. nitrous Oxide Administered By Dentists: __ Gas
  22. singers J. Balvin And Shakira Both Come From Here
  23. central American Country That Connects To Colombia
  24. using Science To Predict Future Weather
  25. plant Extracts Used In Scents Or Flavorings
  26. theatrical Solo Speech
  27. nobel Had A Blast With This Invention
  28. turncoat, Runaway, Renegade
  29. maintaining An Outside Space Of Lawns And Plants
  30. most Populated City In The U.s. State Of Illinois
  31. protective Blockade
  32. the Name Of The Donkey In Winnie The Pooh
  33. opera By Mozart: The __ Of Figaro
  34. frank Millers Noir Crime Graphic Novel
  35. hand-held Firework
  36. greater And Lesser Caribbean Island Groups
  37. accused, Censured
  38. promises Of Retribution
  39. guiding Of Actors To Produce A Movie
  40. shoulder Blade
  41. east African Nation, Home To Kibale National Park
  42. advice From The Beatles: "hey Jude, Dont Be __"
  43. __ Play, Type Of Vinyl Record
  44. mat-based Game With Colorful Spots And Contortion
  45. deep-rooted, Established
  46. hammers Used By Judges
  47. ponte __, Bridge In Florence With Jewelry Shops
  48. shakespeares Comedy: A _____ Nights Dream
  49. florida State University Football Team
  50. infamous Clown In Stephen Kings It
  51. join The Army
  52. type Of Medication Used To Treat Water Retention
  53. special Skill
  54. to Drive Too Close To The Car In Front
  55. people-powered Taxis
  56. toupee
  57. cat Pursued Relentlessly By Pepe Le Pew
  58. u.s. Punk Rockers With Song Titled American Idiot
  59. exterminators Tool
  60. pronounce Very Carefully
  61. study Of The Bodys Structure
  62. personal Security Officer
  63. episode Or Sudden Occurrence Of Disease
  64. crustacean Delicacy
  65. oversees A Museum Exhibit
  66. backspin Stroke Landing A Ball Just Over The Net
  67. the __; Tv Series About Italian-american Mobsters
  68. fictional Marvel Nation, Home To Black Panther
  69. austrian Pastry With Fruit Filling
  70. unlucky
  71. a Cat Can Get It Stuck In Its Throat
  72. former Term For A Son Of An Austrian Emperor
  73. rare Loss Of Ability To Recognize Sensory Stimuli
  74. tuneful Vocal Pattern From Largest Sea Mammals
  75. short Sock
  76. replaces Spent Ammunition
  77. embarrass, Shame
  78. __ Conventions, The Rulebook In War
  79. males Of This Aquatic Species Give Birth
  80. flagrant, Obvious
  81. plant Container
  82. christian Season Preceding Christmas
  83. distressed, Flustered
  84. crossed The Alps With Elephants
  85. frank Lloyd Wrights Profession
  86. backup Power Source In A Building
  87. sedimentary Rock, Contains Skeletal Fragments
  88. 1820 Slavery Issue Document: __ Compromise
  89. someones True Identity Concealed
  90. dessert Ingredient In A Mexican Mole Dish
  91. common Term For The Energy Of A Body In Motion
  92. smooth And Shiny
  93. mexican Version Of Unleavened Bread
  94. natural Environment Where An Animal Makes Its Home
  95. gland That Secretes Digestive Enzymes
  96. a Political Team Member
  97. to Speak With Superficial Or Limited Knowledge
  98. skip Like A Horse
  99. software That Modifies A Singers Voice
  100. towers Atop Churches Rising To A Point

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