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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 20-October-2018
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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 18-October-2018
  1. Epic drama about health worker
  2. Charts returned as unwanted mail
  3. Nag about American beef supplier
  4. Bed salesman has new function
  5. Notes about new pills in certain shape
  6. Cracked codes with one European in bishops place
  7. Initially leg can break, to the casual eye
  8. Londoner is a sterling chap
  9. Attribute to a writer
  10. Masters place, a month before
  11. Small, destitute and without a spoor
  12. Alright for a foreign character to have an animal
  13. Two-thirds of group are insensitive
  14. Spin padre around to see bird
  15. Irishman has left mace out, seen on dining table
  16. Majestic Elgar composition
  17. Money initially is suitable to steal
  18. Most risky for detectives to return to wrong site
  19. Dialect developed in fortress
  20. Gradually bit some food
  21. Count as substance
  22. Space on table to assemble self-help set-up
  23. Overlook the best cosmetic
  24. Weariest, becoming more sticky
  25. Dissertations about union hero
  26. Meeting a lion is dreadful
  27. Block boy getting fruit
  28. Rascal finds second temporary home
  29. Did lie about having modelled
  30. Second family gets loud university student a lot to drink
  31. Everyone got air sick, seeing predator
  32. Cook with pigs heart and head
  33. Thomas sorted brute out after party
  34. Stolen crockery put first in the picture
  35. Comedians twin spread old knowledge
  36. Fooling around - typical Capricorn?
  37. Womans wrong to twist
  38. Giant one given to a fairy queen
  39. Look to get laptop a shiny coating
  40. Leaving me out " mad
  41. Wise to transport apes in time
  42. Space he can adapt and improve
  43. War broke out also within country
  44. Not all put off getting something dirty
  45. Reported location of spectacle
  46. Stop regular payment being a disincentive
  47. Points to strange antidote
  48. Trendy firm got in trouble under an assumed name
  49. Appropriate to have a head start, in confidence
  50. File away occasion and duration
  51. Cannot see improvement in tongue
  52. Sentimental list suitable for short message
  53. Intend toe to be broken as a punishment
  54. Group takes a long time dressing
  55. Old drier in corner behind mophead
  56. Went for a dip, parking behind quagmire
  57. Shelter right inside river
  58. Set fire to hill next to church
  59. Resist getting a deer
  60. Prolific expert joins channel I have
  61. Stick to association
  62. Estimate on rebuilding accommodation
  63. Character to follow country path
  64. Bossy girl gets around one with a nut
  65. School initially gets digital protection, but its slow
  66. Muse during dinner at one
  67. Used spice on friend for a particular purpose
  68. Driving complaint, transporting cress in sack
  69. Got rid of time " obsolete around one clock face
  70. Greeting mostly suitable music system
  71. Lie about assignment initiating missile
  72. Change during meditation
  73. Support less sensitive old issue
  74. Revellers start in a US accent, ordering lobster, say
  75. Criticise cook
  76. Contrasting appointment with Paris upheaval
  77. Tin led new staff to light stand
  78. I return to a tiny amount
  79. Were off to get a jug
  80. Emitting particles, medium and energetic
  81. Lag rear after autumn
  82. Dollys forced to lean on shipping journal
  83. Criminal moved crane in fog
  84. One transaction is perfect
  85. Make pile out of the apples
  86. Laugh to behold ring
  87. Greg excited about a French style of music
  88. Container for daily notes
  89. Points to conflict with the old celebration
  90. The bear struggled to get air
  91. Object in heaven, usually
  92. Reading about the heartless attack
  93. Careless teen develops into an overactor
  94. Play at the end of Christmas
  95. Famous person puts policemen onto sailor
  96. Terribly rude about medium object
  97. Old copper table for specialist
  98. Evasive talk provides material
  99. Manoeuvre an architect
  100. Different hat also available

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