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Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 18-December-2018
Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 17-December-2018
Crusader Crossword Express Crossword Answers - 16-December-2018
  1. Thus behold a lead break
  2. Some columns punctuation confuses Dane
  3. Peers off for a drinking session
  4. Working a lot with new nail
  5. Relaxing " no score is an easy target
  6. Made tenner out of affection
  7. Pet phrase to change in disaster
  8. Afterwards from both ends
  9. Look for miserly report
  10. Adopt self-control as a way of muffling keys
  11. Dont initially give American king the time of day
  12. Cute fellow, big in Mediterranean cooking
  13. Fashion accessory is a hit
  14. Celebrate destiny, by the sound of it
  15. Gossip about Republican buyer for an insect
  16. Sharp as a group of detectives
  17. Design is, if including cultures top genre
  18. Clergyman mislays gold fish shape
  19. Same woman let off by socialist
  20. Spanish couple gets energy from some medication
  21. Audibly change quiet painting
  22. Turn head, taking fuels out for convenience
  23. Ranted on about getting everyone slowing down
  24. Discontented as fluorine oxidation gets assessed
  25. Pick up middle of arm for part of the flight
  26. Wet set of lessons in waterproofing
  27. Commissionaire more involved around rook development
  28. Refrain, seeing soldier run with large dancer
  29. Visionary puts notion on table
  30. Graduate got prisoner some breakfast food
  31. Refuge found in easy lumber
  32. Lecture at a location
  33. Exhausted fellow starts to take his position
  34. Cleric dashes head against broken canoe
  35. College just lost last compound
  36. Give up seat for sailor? Bully would lose time
  37. Pay to get comfortable
  38. Fast tempo, as if by magic
  39. Composer is in trouble, having almost got up before
  40. Dull doctor with premature large deficiency
  41. Has somehow got married to Dan " yes, ruining start of Lent
  42. Collect a great deal
  43. Terribly hairy son comes in concerning county
  44. Part of France gets English luxury car
  45. Ill-shaven criminal in country home
  46. Siren from mythology has garland
  47. Each is eliminated concealing an implement
  48. Particular detail on one fellow in charge
  49. Transport bishop, and relative gets sore
  50. Once swam around a quantity of water
  51. Security measure is late " run away
  52. I will be heard in the passage
  53. Approximate result that needs tying up
  54. Guard set trap round lake
  55. Determination makes engineers crack
  56. You and I at the back, seeing a film
  57. Recital mania breaking out where Spanish is spoken
  58. Come around first to see social climber
  59. Frenchman wanting premier to continue
  60. Its provided by Nick, so...
  61. Band from city stateside get angry!
  62. Mischievous sort of trick by page
  63. Bill caught Des up, its agreed
  64. Sharp edge of gilt cross Rex dropped
  65. Caregiver making one love wine
  66. Make a university cross with some herby drink
  67. Lifts taking king and crime fighter up, its said
  68. Genuine leader of medieval kingdom
  69. Food show, short, sounded long
  70. Contemptible types taking to pruned plants
  71. Albert and Leo cracked all right!
  72. Story about river depth put about by a swimmer
  73. Play up to torment fifteen
  74. ...contained gambler should...
  75. Witty remark made behind beasts
  76. Buzzer sounds are filling plants
  77. Heavy water to use or misuse
  78. Hanger-on opening his mouth
  79. Actor edges into shot, causing delay
  80. A flower grows, having many uses
  81. A character like Duke shouting?
  82. A man wearing cologne possibly gaining power
  83. Short answer from fraudulent healers
  84. Encouragement kept pal excited!
  85. Agent disheartening candidate feels bad
  86. A playwright horse boxes depressed
  87. Shall we say drunk mapmakers look sound?
  88. a post with Dennis, perhaps
  89. Lake and river rose unexpectedly
  90. Left with rag, they disturbed sloth
  91. Man taking time with mothers dish initially inside for festive meal
  92. Stuff from ravine
  93. Man with volunteers outside at yacht meeting
  94. Torch is disturbing bird
  95. Girl " first to memorize opera song
  96. Former partner, about 50, gets goals and cries out
  97. US citizen spoiling main race
  98. Set of drinks provided before the queens game
  99. Very thin person having leeks, not surprisingly
  100. Runners initially in South Africa eat fish

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