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Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 20-October-2018
Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 19-October-2018
Daily Cryptic Crossword Answers - 18-October-2018
  1. Some punctuation is wrong in a shop poster
  2. Spoil one married couple
  3. Bony frame of piano used by singer
  4. After cycling endlessly, I dress for the beach
  5. Pilot going astray in marina
  6. Collar found in Dowton Abbey
  7. Uphill revolt?
  8. American taking a long time in customs
  9. Talk about endless event
  10. Name a composer heard
  11. Landlord fights for holes in doors
  12. Heated conflict beginning in March
  13. African leaders in some other African country
  14. Last ring ordered for bird
  15. Company promoted illegal seizure of power
  16. Captain Ahab, for example one lamenting audibly
  17. Tea-times break for judge
  18. In names, in titles, in acronyms, letters seen for starters
  19. A pal with short dress from Gulf state
  20. Encourage trendy quote
  21. Extra accommodation for queen putting up former husband?
  22. Spots going up and down
  23. Girl left by fool
  24. Small tree thats wet through
  25. Bedtime drink that may go to your head?
  26. US state favoured princess
  27. Superior meal with no starter
  28. Tyneside town ignoring first indicator
  29. Catch parent out
  30. An autocrat in the city ran things
  31. Leaders in Puerto Rico getting on almost too quickly
  32. Old-fashioned quadrangle
  33. Girl in an Irish county
  34. Criminal gang sending missile back over island
  35. Delivery made by down-to-earth supplier
  36. Doctor Whos done dances
  37. Bird appearing regularly in the arena
  38. Leave out workers garments
  39. Tree with less on top? Not initially
  40. Pictures seen one million times
  41. Place often visited by hot family member
  42. Leader in a pact thats been arranged
  43. Trim couple heard
  44. Inward-turning evolutionist
  45. Detective left out wordplay thats unsophisticated
  46. Need about 25 sheets of paper
  47. Disc that may be broken
  48. Recover, having exploded in rage
  49. Car with old sound
  50. See eye to eye with a European? Not quite
  51. Desire to take part in chit-chat
  52. Married expert provides spice
  53. Shouts in battle excited air crews
  54. Bill takes the water in Vichy, creating a scene
  55. Newspapers in cupboard
  56. Recover from motoring event
  57. Oil and nuts may be provided
  58. Missing notes dispatched
  59. Inferior with shoes extremely dirty
  60. Take a chance with outsiders from Bristol in match
  61. Bloomers went up a pole
  62. Five past two
  63. Help brought in by band that is attacking
  64. Marshal sacred to old soldiers
  65. Run and hide
  66. Motherly resolution to alter man?
  67. Taxi taken by a large political clique
  68. A writer mostly associated with a group of stars
  69. In the Pacific, a private island
  70. Freezing shrews confession may be heard
  71. Nothing after Mayday? Nothing to write home about
  72. African or Irish singer in outskirts of Kingston
  73. I mention sound or vision
  74. Deprived of food adverts all over the shop
  75. Admirable woman getting rid of last drug
  76. Polecat, female, on raised ground in France
  77. Odd job with an instrument
  78. Unpleasant person â€" one going in all directions
  79. Leading Russian trembles after going to extremes
  80. Playful spirit with a sad plant grown indoors
  81. Nerve cells that could make nose run
  82. Its used by a shoemaker after all the others
  83. Bowler, say, opener for Esssex cant stand
  84. Bad one if converted in good faith
  85. Islander trained to be a mason?
  86. Norwegian port seen in December generally
  87. Sort of motor not allowed to go on
  88. Part of speech one has to repeat
  89. Wine when it turns
  90. Enclosing suitable remedy for seizure
  91. Troublesome insect near fruit
  92. Mature person in lead ultimately
  93. Italian river? Old river not very good
  94. Head of security in railroad station, one with absolute power
  95. Recovers from wreck in Las Vegas?
  96. Taking a chance, hide in oil platform
  97. Immediately placed in an awkward situation
  98. Skinny people plan to mingle with obese
  99. One in boat notices a mess
  100. Swirling sea mist depicted by French painter

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