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Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 12-December-2018
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 11-December-2018
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 10-December-2018
  1. Supplies of flowers
  2. Guns possibly heard around, when theres a war
  3. Pool game?
  4. Vessel involved in a storm?
  5. A flight can get one among the stars!
  6. Did the spadework
  7. A small dry area
  8. Mother joins the saints in a church service
  9. See a flier as a villain!
  10. Derivatively, todays his day
  11. It never made strong chains
  12. Dairy suppliers in a Moscow suburb
  13. He had the golden touch, one imagines
  14. Name shared by Karajan and Janacek
  15. Praises an old salt shaker
  16. Coal miners dog?
  17. Looking nasty enough to plug?
  18. The number of trees associated with Covent Garden
  19. Where to learn how to get out of a car?
  20. Though orderly, can get messy around the end of August
  21. A reptile to us, a flower to you
  22. Possibly posh emporium
  23. Published erudition with the rude bit cut out
  24. Raise objections in numbers about midday
  25. Eat a lot too quickly out of hearty greed
  26. In cricket, they go to leg
  27. Pull some plugs out
  28. Demand when you finish work
  29. Make newer somehow
  30. Method of making gold turn red!
  31. Stick to fax, if possible
  32. Member of the San Francisco police
  33. Over five missing
  34. Layabout offering a treatment for warts to a key figure
  35. As a correspondent, needs a pen
  36. Visitor at bingo?
  37. But ahead, finishing early
  38. On which playmates have their ups and downs
  39. Suggests its nasty, being so loveless
  40. Boy with an Irish air
  41. Just beginning to go back for a bit of exercise
  42. On the billiard table, a resilient all-rounder
  43. In a back street, its cold!
  44. A large ball of soil
  45. Are wily in a worn-out way
  46. A profit doubled?
  47. In motor cars, theyre mostly forward
  48. Streams softly taking the middle course
  49. Possible creator of power
  50. Cut some prices anew
  51. Is it a sensation you want?
  52. Fight to the end, with only superficial damage
  53. Except for the duck, its a vegetarian affair
  54. The best is loud, but getting softer
  55. Deposit a revised list
  56. His pupils wouldnt miss him
  57. Part-time eventually?
  58. Choose to be well padded?
  59. You can see its geographically adjacent to Monte
  60. Loud cry of warning about trouble starting
  61. Obviously not fair weather!
  62. Looks round at shapely legs
  63. Poppys father?
  64. Sorrow registered upon return?
  65. A change in current consumption?
  66. Figure thats a little frightening!
  67. Religiously, hes comparatively early
  68. The Greek for painter
  69. Theyre of one accord
  70. Letter in print, maybe (A Swedish one?)
  71. The strength to achieve much extraordinary prowess
  72. Musical Moroccans?
  73. Hell do in part
  74. Punishment I had - and quick!
  75. Trifling with an officer, perhaps?
  76. Loves to get into a political party and spy
  77. Shouts for more fiery effect
  78. Fifty to one a top man has taste!
  79. Has she no right to enter the water?
  80. Kept going stale, mysteriously, at the trading centre
  81. An accident on court?
  82. Buy with a favourite sweetheart?
  83. Given some of what life depends on
  84. Kind of officer concerned with recruitment?
  85. Fighting among great warriors
  86. Picking it was a ropy job
  87. Moved swiftly in transit
  88. Express disgust when a letter gets torn to shreds
  89. Its a touching thing to do
  90. Value of getting the time about right?
  91. Time to back up 14 Down
  92. How to handle a piece of cake
  93. Alleged reason for an advanced piece of writing?
  94. Frank has nothing to write
  95. Terrible rough ride!
  96. Dedicated to being disfranchised?
  97. One who has a job to hang curtains?
  98. Message half of us get so wrong!
  99. Nominal maker of sails
  100. Stopped work, being just about exhausted?

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