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Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 16-October-2018
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Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers - 12-October-2018
  1. Appeals for readjustment after pa, upset, has left
  2. No big shout by a player?
  3. Looked around for things to pop smartly into the shed
  4. Fishy female?
  5. Feel that southeast is around north?
  6. They can be tied at speed
  7. More or less antique silver or gold
  8. He has many a little cough
  9. One islet or eight, we hear
  10. N. American name for tin
  11. A rough diamond? Not Di!
  12. Gave a knowing look before being led out
  13. English river or a part of Ireland
  14. Sorry to have said Im out
  15. Tilted violently
  16. He has his own way of working in crime
  17. Take the wrong seat on the left
  18. Apply for the job of president
  19. Smooth things over when dismissed at the club
  20. How I am yours
  21. She hasnt much money
  22. Shouting like this is not exactly lordly
  23. Declare to be a sure thing
  24. Chucks bashful
  25. Starts showing love for writers
  26. Winner at the wedding?
  27. The days I had ways
  28. At midnight, muddled heads get injured
  29. Work at the bakery
  30. Is aware of swimmers getting a flying start
  31. Discharged for nothing more than a drunken doze
  32. A blowout for a seaman, as a rule?
  33. Beaten by ones friend, a dunderhead!
  34. Mark with two dots
  35. Roguery, evidently, is more than evil
  36. Noted flower from a faraway island
  37. Discerning, unusual taste when out of uniform
  38. Quarter of the country
  39. Meat can be a drug!
  40. Go yachting with Lisa
  41. Youngster brought up as an equal
  42. In Formula 1, he was in favour of finishing fast
  43. In Birmingham, a street ahead
  44. A dirty globe?
  45. Teacher is backward at any one of the three Rs!
  46. Having half a mind service has been cut, he wont pay
  47. Such clothing fits Una badly
  48. A pies possibly a nice warm colour
  49. Tommys tosh?
  50. The hard facts one may get back to
  51. A land we reunited in Anglo-Saxon England
  52. Light, first-class railway
  53. Did Leander love to give her a ring?
  54. Fatherly musical celebrity?
  55. Stake about everything in a stage production
  56. That woman absorbed in motherhood
  57. It makes an admission
  58. Space for manoeuvre in a ships cabin?
  59. A hero, but to many a libertine
  60. Sick of villainy and pillage
  61. Allow to pass to leg, perhaps
  62. In betting, a borderline thing?
  63. Oldster led astray by a bit of a youngster?
  64. Children may be the outcome
  65. Depict badly in ropy art
  66. I ran out in the wet
  67. Youll observe, now and then, that it balances
  68. Plants grown by sailors out East?
  69. One philosophical about the cost of straying out of line?
  70. Briefly, its positively assertive
  71. Sailor meaning a great deal to his friend
  72. A little matter one gets ahead with
  73. A paid player
  74. First lady to be seated, in a sense
  75. Wailing woman has been confused
  76. Two bachelors, one Disney character
  77. Soldiers may find it boring
  78. Just the aircraft to worry the enemy
  79. Something filling you can get at the station
  80. Dried leaves
  81. Strong resentment of a bit of a clanger
  82. Left on the side of a shelf
  83. Victor taking a girl on the river
  84. Where to get some whisky, etc.
  85. New opposition
  86. Reveal that the day is near
  87. A back numbers issue
  88. Used one to turn left?
  89. To keep from talking, intern
  90. Wrecked when drunk
  91. Said having me around gives confidence
  92. How the blinking rocket was launched?
  93. Many a chap, should he be getting on in years
  94. Put the mans name in red
  95. Tip you rely on
  96. Having alighted at the stop, create resentment
  97. Going through all the red lights is unprincipled
  98. And in ways still holds good
  99. Gathered I had returned for the thing
  100. The agent is working, to a degree, for the tycoon

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