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9-November-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Daily Crossword Puzzle Answers

  1. Secure and hand round the food
  2. The again repeated words intended to calm
  3. Part of a boat upturned in the vegetable garden
  4. What the female blowing the whistle was wearing?
  5. A light “A member? Not me”
  6. Impress upon, during the trip back
  7. Direct verbally from the passage
  8. In the game of love, play to win!
  9. A boys name I give to a girl
  10. It means a lot to masons
  11. Getting crumpled when ones reconnoitring outside again
  12. Adamant the one with the gun isnt breaking out
  13. Anxious to be involved in
  14. In general, where the coverall goes
  15. Having no time to wrap the presents for the poet
  16. Intend to get the English off the aircraft
  17. Fish thats all but extinct?
  18. Hit neither me nor the wife?
  19. The second delivery
  20. A diversion meant for playing outside, you think
  21. One first-class
  22. I swear to do it
  23. Put out, as a result
  24. Difficult to shake off, which is awkward
  25. In China, for instance, he got into a terrible state
  26. Various ones from which to pick the flower
  27. Certain it will be bound to be complicated
  28. A bad shot by the golfer playing cricket?
  29. Fight back, man, and get tough!
  30. Not a happy choice of cheese?
  31. The bits that are dry, is not cooking
  32. Arresting for being tight
  33. Participates in, as one promises to
  34. Not so bad you cant hand it round?
  35. “Its very cold with rain out,” I cry
  36. Emphasises that one is the producer
  37. Protective covering for the man in the train crash
  38. Lock and leave
  39. Think youll put back into captivity?
  40. Calm the lady also capsized and trapped inside
  41. How one sallied in the company of, immediately?
  42. Not interfering when ones making ones solo takeoff
  43. Is it strikingly sweet?
  44. Cracked unspeakable jokes?