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  1. In lively manner, Im entering top grade international organisation
  2. Began badly rejecting the Italian language
  3. Nearly all Medical Officers on time
  4. Sweet when welcoming paper associated with monarch
  5. Face being laid up
  6. Musician might use this cut, perm, learner restyled
  7. Guarantee does not have right result
  8. In stall, a hatch, I examine Mississippi flower
  9. Foolish, I had at beginning interrupted referring to listener?
  10. Slow workers place, more bizarre
  11. Lawyers supported by cathedral city? Only just
  12. Bosss examination curtailed
  13. Gods section of the rosary?
  14. Anger about book - authoritative one?
  15. Trip around good raised area
  16. Zeal of group pinching diesel oil after Dukes left
  17. Native American food captivating act on tour
  18. Inn Luigi converted providing pasta
  19. Policeman reportedly linked with upper class singer
  20. Referring to the Spanish dance
  21. Mail a tad unreliable in coastal region?
  22. A teaching expert in retirement?
  23. Game reduced in length as theres no publicity about it?
  24. Jack referring to a hotel, source of bad luck
  25. Twenty-four hour period concludes for Allies
  26. Porky about fine husband, getting on, in relation to rights ending on death
  27. They say outstanding elite oil job has been arranged for oldie
  28. Over-sentimental TV where odd characters feature
  29. Conservative group initially opposing local democratic government as no good
  30. Instrument to prohibit judo in extreme instances?
  31. My mistake, removing covers of book - note added
  32. Performs in play in street - stick around!
  33. Financial aspects of refusal splitting English entertainers
  34. Fix Lance abused to get to top
  35. A large number try returning small design
  36. Loathe handiest fellow leaving
  37. Sorry about detective foully dismissing alternate characters
  38. Curses about including short death notice with first of this collection of sacred writings
  39. Amusing part of the zodiac is one that provides guidance for those at sea
  40. Two soldiers getting monster
  41. Initially told rebellious, entitled kids to take a hike
  42. Record about to be set in calm body of water
  43. Womans cryptic clues for divine hero
  44. Agitated way the French ship goes after engineers
  45. Material regularly found in feedlots
  46. Dealt with returning coffee with something lacking
  47. Swindle and cheat Republican predator
  48. Old American swimmer hitting head displays clumsiness
  49. Origin of information little sibling holds in note
  50. Live with desire to fit in
  51. Ban demon duck rising in shade
  52. Oriental flower in middle of Battenberg
  53. Broadcasting revolutionary elements of vegetarian option
  54. Short trip to study bird
  55. Number one ingredient in office lacking boundaries
  56. Popular leader embracing left causes suspicion
  57. Canine riding in modified drag bike is dog from Southern Africa
  58. One receiving letter from a Dutch groom on drugs
  59. Fitness of line in open ground
  60. Durable animal shelter
  61. Emits cry wildly embracing male thats well-proportioned
  62. Target for detailed cuts taking time
  63. Bird act for the audience
  64. Almost notice identical plant
  65. Elite troops greeting Military Intelligence find something fishy
  66. Im enjoying this opening to Lindisfarnes disc
  67. Copy Italian author injecting heroin
  68. Wobbly toilet seats half missing
  69. Yankee players loudly dismissed those who quit
  70. For example run up Swedish rugs
  71. Toy manufacturer returns from Big Rock
  72. Regularly test a Republican leader
  73. Result of qualifying match league omitted
  74. Evils of factories lacking male leadership
  75. Minute passage of stream we hear
  76. You briefly natter about lawyer
  77. Be up for depravity
  78. Illegally supply hard drink from the east
  79. Shoot of tree beginning to emerge
  80. Novelist residing in rural cottage
  81. Silent about American bases educational facility?
  82. Crib clue compiled for melting pot
  83. Charles informally describing Oscars confused state
  84. Tough academy for independent teachers?
  85. State report of prostitute with a football team
  86. Gushing notes on safety device protecting Roman square
  87. Special man on board meets posh Australian bird
  88. Thugs rip out goalposts?
  89. Openings for private detectives
  90. Native Americans go around childrens nursery
  91. Promises to enclose key directions for military commanders
  92. Secretary and detective conceal your Egyptian manuscripts
  93. Henry in game of marbles with actor
  94. United with everyone that is dead
  95. Process top and bottom of strawberry stalk
  96. Most delicate feminine line established
  97. Room in the centre of web
  98. Order nothing for soldier
  99. Still time to leave function
  100. Piano band playing rumbas with awful din reportedly getting top marks

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