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  1. Sexy acts a sight in need of reviewing
  2. Quick and easy?
  3. His erections shocked some in grand German car
  4. Drink a comrades sent flying
  5. Outstanding horse race
  6. Nut one Italian jerk on head for leering
  7. Tense statement by grave earl is nonsense
  8. Some pop Tim is trilling: Mr Brightside, perhaps
  9. Picture of impetuous strike on goal?
  10. Proverb: all disbelievers are generally evangelic at the front
  11. Profits concerning performers
  12. Disgusting social life of ex-Bullingdon members set?
  13. Mussolinis young men reassign or initiate guards
  14. Kill a setter of Indy crosswords, but not Hoskins
  15. Fantastic being 25 and heading for Ibiza
  16. Tops must be put on everyone? Good luck with that!
  17. Story about X-Factor unknown shows wisdom
  18. Great love a lout and I buggered up
  19. Before first samples of Tempranillo, samples port
  20. Wine, dope and heroin? Theres coarse material in there!
  21. Perfect offer on an Apple product?
  22. A fight is concerning
  23. Thick Barnet politician that Her Maj avoids
  24. Spitter upset me twice outside of empty inn
  25. Needle-worker I toast with tot in drunken state
  26. Old partner in deadlock on the board?
  27. Soldiers and agent on MDMA at do again
  28. Forgive academic scoring well on a golf course!
  29. Where Joan of Arc ended up in danger
  30. Perilous to be sat on by fellow in the mood for it
  31. Strained time immediately following leaders ousting
  32. Always drink heartily if wife leaves for model-type
  33. Entire groups about to emerge mostly in accounts?
  34. A wild animal seen around river level
  35. Pay slips secreted by spy in dance centre?
  36. Natural source of water receives backing
  37. Pharmacist rides roughshod over compounds for animal use
  38. When there might be news by letter hell be there
  39. Like the man who won Wimbledon?
  40. Essentially detest bad language
  41. Injured persons left for a little time without concern
  42. Badly designed bra as some sort of practical joke?
  43. Trunk initially treated roughly
  44. Popular ascetic with no money to come by some wealth
  45. Its whispered corrosion was in the van
  46. Guru in tree hasnt abandoned seeking riches
  47. Flats arranged horizontally in an afterthought
  48. Sirs distraught and in a bother - keep going!
  49. Having risen, go off to meet bad end
  50. Assessed as flipping expensive after adding hint of truffle
  51. Doctor sees terms for what they are
  52. Newspaper reported for culinary supplements?
  53. Orchestral players sit with boos flying around
  54. South German man is touring Spain for its drinks
  55. He might paint magnolia coat or red coat when plastered
  56. Pitch to initially impressionable senior Tories? Maybe he does
  57. Some sort of aspirant guerrilla
  58. For a poet, foot of tree with heart thats old, cold and hard (the core rotten)
  59. Legends garland a siren of the Rhine
  60. Conifer, they say, in island in Med
  61. Greedy person consuming Tango with party snack
  62. A rod for freshwater fish
  63. Race footballer around surgery
  64. Exercises with college guy likely to go wrong
  65. Hes taken off fancy hat to make speech
  66. Lincolns revered infantry polished belts
  67. Take action to control Republican firm
  68. Article in German follows singer fully
  69. Overlook fake tan at the start
  70. Top-class bishop to assist attack from above
  71. A short way to secure hotel furniture supplier
  72. Injured scout receives cold plaster
  73. Enemy locate observation post first
  74. Old man conserves energy, not working
  75. Uniform was ruined during drunken action
  76. Julia is online, admitting affair
  77. Horse in Ulster unsettled jockey
  78. Tense, ready to jump?
  79. Dont risk climbing simple mountain carrying female
  80. Put stocks on ground to strengthen Arsenal
  81. Losing general at 14s precipitate
  82. English greeting in sunhat for each part of Africa
  83. Bless prisoner with a secret wound
  84. Result of confinement in bed announced
  85. Stand to finish quarrel, ignoring the odds
  86. Quiet singers always like music, primarily church music
  87. Oil magnates food uplifted battlefield
  88. Spread fashionable beliefs about arms limits
  89. Dry place to drive count
  90. Reduce volume of studies into ice cream
  91. Promise to orbit large and small planets
  92. Number left in Times with worthy aims
  93. Might be in debt after priest comes round
  94. Two states inordinately proud of their worth
  95. Boorish northern smoker meets author
  96. Knight detaining old silly demands gold coin
  97. Harbour gates opening
  98. Criminally endorse last thirteen letters?
  99. Surrounded in Reading - molested leaving area
  100. Can one enter final as classics scholar?

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