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10-October-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Daily Crossword Puzzle Answers

  1. Taxi company over in Germany
  2. Large - with full coating - like some nuts?
  3. In France, and in ancient Rome, this essentially heralded having good morals
  4. Chic nurse sporting colourful hair elastic
  5. Board game is cheaper when damaged
  6. From the outset, Othello is lacklustre and thoroughly boring
  7. Portion of chapati arranged around another side dish
  8. Attempt to comprehend one principal system of government involving few people
  9. Its always primarily Bitcoin getting traded for drugs
  10. Organisation supplied goods including cocaine?
  11. Special kind of glass used to cover electronic instrument
  12. Poet seen in a university study
  13. Cocktail that may be rousing
  14. People entering party with small gifts
  15. Characters left out of newspaper dating ads
  16. Fruit syrup in goes pineapple, for example
  17. Spanish guy investing energy into renovation of local bar
  18. Reverberating effect of an organ in 10
  19. Gory, heartlessly brutal documentary receives two Oscars
  20. Jog naked without the first sign of guilt
  21. Statement compiled by current head of narcotics and old vice cops
  22. One who is almost crazy about a British city
  23. Flashy underwear with see-through lining
  24. Transport from Britain to America
  25. Doctor praised when accepting drug for an elevated rate
  26. Piece of paratha likely to make an Indian meal
  27. Have chicken, maybe, but no starter
  28. Relieve yourself - more than once - of young children
  29. A motor home I won and began to convert
  30. One from Hearts maybe gets punishment for a second booking
  31. Chuck out extremely expensive laptop initially fitted with outdated OS
  32. Fondle around the head