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11-October-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Daily Crossword Puzzle Answers | Clues & Answers

  1. Twist right ankle initially during cycle ride
  2. Religious and physical education associated with dawn of New Age
  3. This describes the return of Hamlet, perhaps, and his end
  4. Penalise footballer over accidental cheat
  5. Resolve to cut 10%, subtract 50%, and add 50% of the remainder
  6. No good will come from doing casual work for these rates
  7. Value opponents holding hands by side we hear
  8. Relief of snooker player completing short break
  9. Ones left powerless after this heartless atrocity
  10. God interrupting farewell upset balloonist
  11. Agreed auditors intended payment to correct errors
  12. Presumably this has little need for Fat Controller on todays network?
  13. Engineer sends man away for resources
  14. Fair trade in the centre of Belize for two-thirds of capital
  15. Refuse to put on clothes after losing heart for nothing
  16. Almost understand about life in Ancient Romes importance
  17. Material that may be used by construction firm
  18. Unconventional course has introduction moved nearer conclusion
  19. Film-maker in favour of Frank replacing the lead
  20. Whats required to release answer stored in memory?
  21. Hand out pass admitting writer on board ship
  22. Cycling match is a bore
  23. Stressful impact he might make
  24. Childrens author briefly taking to poet
  25. Sheepish lover removes jacket and trousers at home
  26. Attach warning under a protective cover
  27. Go through to the rear of trendy green property
  28. Sub perhaps yearns to have some editing work
  29. Rose for one soldier breaking rank
  30. Talk about touching one of Ninas parts