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4-December-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Daily Crossword Puzzle Answers

  1. Reagans space plan was right to be scrapped after return of defectors
  2. Music makers home in Bordeaux
  3. French city anticipating debut of Lennon and McCartney?
  4. Strike a deal to welcome European weapons outside
  5. Get, as supply teacher, an old people carrier
  6. Lobster part of royal recipe moved last
  7. Two characters leading India to independence, or just one?
  8. Investigation about chief after safe found empty
  9. Glimmer of hopes beginning for power in backbone
  10. Short show assembled with internet cut and paste
  11. Agencys foremost duo to guard cinema
  12. Expose oneself to mounted police force prior to renaming province
  13. Diagram showing site of mausoleum
  14. Girl arguing about homophobia is repeatedly disheartened
  15. Gamers left to change sides, or appeal to higher authority
  16. Foreign article contains fabrication
  17. Many changes in House of Lords songbook
  18. Motorway tracks around London area, causing intense unhappiness
  19. Get energy by painful injection dissolving in gut
  20. Scotsmans country covered by his exam
  21. Description of religion in France, I hope
  22. Corbynistas adored sausage sandwiches
  23. Paramedic operating theatre thats minimalist in style
  24. Where travellers can find loads of song, with service included
  25. Return of wildebeest is performed in chorus
  26. Start of batting, and trickery gets both openers dismissed
  27. Parisian goes for gas
  28. Nudes head captured by old men and women who draw
  29. Further American profit
  30. Gentile accepts marginal risk to put car here in Moscow
  31. Capital of South Africa feeding this country in Latin America