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20-June-2014 | Page 1 of 1 | Daily Crossword Puzzle Answers

  1. Comparatively conscious of the environment
  2. JFK alternative
  3. Spore sac
  4. ___ penis
  5. Bugs
  6. Ian whose Atonement was adapted into a Best Picture nominee
  7. Some mangy 62-Downs
  8. Zuccotti Park movement, for short
  9. Big break for the Catholic church?
  10. Request to a server, perhaps
  11. Hawaiian island with a Taro Festival
  12. Bad thing to be stuck in
  13. Occupation made obsolete by print
  14. Twice tetra-
  15. Reliably red state: Abbr
  16. Generally vote
  17. Account for
  18. Musical genre with singing parakeets, bass-playing pugs, etc.?
  19. Train lines, e.g.?
  20. Really, in Latin
  21. Four-star officer
  22. Mitt Romneys eldest son
  23. Tick off
  24. Why not give this famous horror film actor a chance??
  25. President pro ___
  26. Former Disney head Michael [This is the 2nd-to-last Ink Well! Continue to solve Ben Tausig puzzles @]
  27. Mafia boss
  28. The first six inches of a foot-long?
  29. This is kind of ___ deal
  30. Drivers often hit it
  31. Pen tips
  32. Letter-shaped construction pieces
  33. Strong longing
  34. Lord of the Rings villain whose eye symbol looks like a giant flaming vagina
  35. Country guitarists timbre
  36. Keanan of Step By Step
  37. Stallions partners
  38. Cannonball band, with the
  39. Common service animal
  40. It doesnt need oxygen
  41. South Beach parent?
  42. ___ Lingus (Irish carrier)
  43. Brothers together in a house
  44. Smidgen
  45. House of twigs
  46. Belly up to the bar and ask for a pint of disinfectant?
  47. Offensive, perhaps, as a joke
  48. West African storyteller
  49. Reliably red state: Abbr
  50. Graf with two gold medals in tennis
  51. Arab house of worship, in Arabic
  52. Musicians covered by The Source and XXL
  53. Turkish mountain
  54. Region with many Shintoists, Confucians, and Buddhists
  55. Fundamental matter?
  56. WTF, I cnot BELIEVE this!!
  57. Muppet drummer
  58. Tick off
  59. Protagonist who does not kill orcs after sundown on the Sabbath?
  60. Former NOW president Eleanor
  61. Mess (with)
  62. Thing on which to plot points
  63. Well, Adam gave up ___, so mine better be prime (Kanye)
  64. Evian, e.g
  65. Place to park money, briefly
  66. Liz portrayer on 30 Rock
  67. Strong longing
  68. Please, please be a love seat or a recliner or something ...?
  69. Doing a task at the soup kitchen, say
  70. Patron of sailors
  71. Laser target, perhaps
  72. Star: Prefix
  73. Hi, sailor!