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10-October-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Daily Crossword Puzzle Answers

  1. Loses the head with tweet uploaded about college thats blacklisted
  2. Its even covered up by hyperinflation
  3. Unattached to one of those in 8 across, for example
  4. Is in The Transporter, Othello, Revolution and is the beating heart of Titanic, for example
  5. Submissive type briefly finds uplifting place for get-together
  6. Has an influence on the count, as whats monitored is not in sodium carbonate
  7. Show reluctance to express doubts?
  8. Even goes off one of those in northern Italy
  9. Salad menu thats spicy is essential for those working on their figures
  10. Damaged skin suitable for tattoos?
  11. Providing a terrible sample at the airport
  12. Assembled by 15 across in The D?il and The Senate
  13. Person responsible for ground-breaking development in the cabinet providing shelter for religious speaker
  14. Makes a really big deal of Margaret and Albert getting married by church official losing the head
  15. Look for someone to reach out to after school
  16. Where one finishes one sentence exactly
  17. Is responsible for the department closing 15 across
  18. The players from one theatre got director to read The Riot Act
  19. Initially slimmer and fitter from cutting down on the grass
  20. Some ? la mode structure thats not pretentious
  21. Groomsman dumps Norma - it creates a bad atmosphere
  22. She ruins smashing welcomes
  23. Double agents dismiss lead that could explain how one lost everything in the business
  24. Rub shoulders, back and top of the nape digging into Robert? That explains it!
  25. Blots out self-doubt and animosity
  26. Pops the question to Rings assistant on the books
  27. Abbey in old city surrounded by couple of religious institutions
  28. Organisation gets granny, for one, to relax in muscular way