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11-October-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Daily Crossword Puzzle Answers

  1. Criminal dealer for The Don, for example
  2. Put the foot down for worker from department? Indeed!
  3. Church woman left school for The Stations
  4. Protected the elders all over the place
  5. Barrister is so right - society is capable of cuts at the top
  6. Pay no attention to introductions to a new chapter inside Lack of Intelligence
  7. Access Twitter to recover ones self control
  8. Paraphernalia includes new exhibit from Jersey
  9. A foreign friend admits writing to Ella, setting up journalist with something unique
  10. Lounge has fashionable job for those talking orders - it will require one to be patient before onslaught begins
  11. Its okay as theres nothing left perhaps
  12. Hadnt a breeze its readily accessible
  13. They leave bright-eyed type going across The Liffey
  14. Endorsed new design
  15. Respectable type of college gets meagre piece of the pie
  16. Come across abandoned room with permission to enter
  17. Protesting tactics for starting 22 across at fashionable school
  18. Cause trouble offering a college place in retrospect
  19. Presumably echoes what old bats are capable of with business partner from America opening restaurant
  20. Awful ordeal for party in place of great wealth
  21. Pay attention to The Last Word - its the epitome of deep thought
  22. A number of those taking job of Ceann Comhairle keeping an eye on the childish types
  23. Most of the allergic reaction in front garden is a sure sign someone is under the weather
  24. Knowing ones stuff could make one cry
  25. In the middle of storm, centre gets the first score - its astonishing to one of the viewers
  26. Tribunes missing bit of care
  27. Government attends UN summits with revolutionary lacking in the social graces
  28. Sent off for Spain in a state of agitation