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6-December-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Daily Crossword Puzzle Answers | Clues & Answers

  1. Its crucial for shoplifters and those on the take, of late
  2. Home-town leader is cheeky writing to one of those breaking into the business
  3. Warrant for that woman losing the head reported in the paper
  4. Has a bone to pick with consumer working in security overseas at The Tower
  5. Transferred knowledge from university quietly for lots of money
  6. Goes to the dogs with American coach
  7. This is so obvious to Will?
  8. Dean leaves broad beans to soak
  9. Some revolutionary characters mentioned a vendetta to escape
  10. Current review with introductions covering unsurprisingly Bogart, Sinatra and newer members of The Pack
  11. Precious type of hammer or a blade
  12. Applause for trick is absurd
  13. Names a criminal working in Mediterranean, for one
  14. Local car fails to start with parts from the boot
  15. Is there no wine in West Indies? Give up!
  16. Who is out of homebrew and the last of the blackstuff?
  17. Heard course is rough enough
  18. Waitress loses it with bright fishy type
  19. Halted car travelling to place of mass meeting
  20. Those selling old wines, for instance, to those who have lots presumably
  21. Flipping source protects copper - theyre two of a kind
  22. Support for a set of standards produced by Dublin fifteen, for instance?
  23. Deal covers short codebreaker with a large sum of money
  24. Sister protects top of head from devilish creature swimming in the sea
  25. Awful despair over a form of ecstasy
  26. Not being capable of a tune is not on the radio
  27. A little drunk gets green light to get drinks for everyone - it creates amusement
  28. Made a bad case for most of the drugs found at Paris airport and tried to defend it?