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9-November-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Daily Crossword Puzzle Answers

  1. 1 across covers 4 across, for starters, and final course taken in hand by one working on the last supper?
  2. Local drunk has a habit of going missing when its his round presumably
  3. Finishes 11 down similarly working on crafty type
  4. Every so often, Somme site is redeveloped
  5. Those who put on their coats to work with most of 1 across in a number of hospitals
  6. Delete some disclaimer as expected
  7. Sent off over starting outburst and named by the linesman
  8. Casual labourer opening yard without rhyme or reason
  9. Rejection in Brief Encounter is really rotten!
  10. Avoids shop for Cubans and the one that doesnt cure the meat
  11. Part-time office worker in plane, for example, going to Spain for post popular with Indians
  12. American loses the head with a trim swimmer from European capital
  13. One of those in 10 across always starts the count in Montana
  14. A Crimean novel linked to Tyre reporting old glory
  15. Old drunk in Portugal finds love in Iberian city
  16. First piece of writing in what 6 down produced
  17. Exercises journalists union and pressure on society
  18. What definitely affects the retirement plan will keep you up all night
  19. Enters one building responsible for 20 down
  20. Takes drugs from celebrity with online identity
  21. Compensate for women from Aer Lingus in tough flight
  22. Retweet over English judge contacting workers leads to another judgement
  23. Brie coming out of Gobi Desert is lumpy in an indigestible way
  24. Red-tailed black sharks sound almost vicious!
  25. Approaches missing chap for the divas
  26. Pal out of Spinal Tap makes it more colourful on the canvas
  27. A job for the sailor, held by the dealer and held by the gambler
  28. One of The Cars sells places where The Animals sold out perhaps