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Mirror quiz Crossword Answers - 17-October-2018
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  1. 1984 novel by Frederick Forsyth
  2. Stanley , FIFA president from 1961-74
  3. In architecture, the near triangular space between the curve of an arch and the framework above
  4. 1998 mystery film starring Dustin Hoffman and Sharon Stone
  5. See 24
  6. Ray , winner of the 1970 World Snooker Championship
  7. In golf, an estimated standard score for a hole that a good player should make
  8. Charlotte , actress who played Oregon in 2011-16 Channel 4 series Fresh Meat
  9. The , 2001 novel by Ian Rankin
  10. Town in Greater Manchester; birthplace of composer William Walton
  11. See 3
  12. 2009 novel by William Trevor
  13. 1927 novel by Dorothy L Sayers
  14. 2008 novel by Richard T Kelly
  15. Tamzin , actress who plays Mel Owen in BBC TV soap EastEnders
  16. Jaroslav , Czech author of unfinished novel The Good Soldier Svejk
  17. Joe , World Heavyweight boxing champion from 1970-73
  18. Official language of Pakistan also spoken in India
  19. River that flows to the North Sea at Middlesbrough
  20. 2008 film drama starring, written and directed by Noel Clarke
  21. See 23 Across
  22. Jackie , Canadian entertainer; first host of ITV game show The Golden Shot
  23. Pokemon series character that is yellow-coloured with red cheek pouches
  24. 19th-century Bohemian dance with three steps and a hop
  25. Eleanor , actress who played Augusta Colt in 2004 romcom Wimbledon
  26. Active volcano in Sicily
  27. Long poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge first published in 1798 volume Lyrical Ballads
  28. Motor racing circuit that hosted the F1 San Marino GP between 1981-2006
  29. Mark , rugby union fly-half; 1980 Australia Test debutant against New Zealand
  30. Port in SW Morocco almost totally destroyed by an earthquake in 1960
  31. Alloy of copper and zinc containing more than 50 per cent of the former
  32. 15th-century Hungarian light horseman
  33. The , 2009 film drama starring Paul Anderson and Calum McNab
  34. 1976 Alex Haley novel subtitled The Saga of an American Family
  35. See 6
  36. 1990 crime drama film starring Sean Penn, Ed Harris and Gary Oldman
  37. 2014 action film starring Dwayne Johnson in the title role
  38. Jeremy , US actor who played the title role in 2013-16 ITV drama series Mr Selfridge
  39. 2011 novel by Bernard Cornwell
  40. US state; capital Columbus
  41. 1973 adventure film starring Rod Taylor in the title role
  42. Actor who played Lt Philip Gerard in 1960s US television series The Fugitive
  43. Bobby , ice hockey player; James Norris Memorial Trophy winner from 1968-75
  44. Leslie , actress who played Carol Landau in 1985 film comedy Shadey
  45. Robert , French photographer whose works include 1950s Kiss by the Hotel de Ville
  46. Angela , Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for Whats Love Got to Do With It
  47. Island of the Moluccas, Indonesia, on which occurred a 1942 World War II battle between Allied and Japanese forces
  48. Melvyn , author of novels Crystal Rooms and Now is the Time
  49. Meteorological unit of measurement used to calculate cloud cover
  50. Philippine plant related to the banana whose leafstalks are the source of Manila hemp
  51. Shrimp-like marine crustacean; principal food of whalebone whales
  52. 1978 stage musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice
  53. Actress who played Nicola Murray in BBC TV comedy series The Thick of It
  54. Ottorino , Italian composer of operas Maria Egiziaca and Semirama
  55. Edward , actor who starred as Arnold Bedford in 1964 adventure film First Men in the Moon
  56. Pieter , Dutch painter whose works include 1647 still life Breakfast with Ham
  57. M J , Australia Test cricketer who hit an unbeaten 103 against England at Edgbaston in 2009
  58. Annual plant with edible sticky green pods also called ladies fingers
  59. 2002-04 Cheltenham Gold Cup winner ridden by Jim Culloty
  60. 1578 novel by John Lyly subtitled The Anatomy of Wit
  61. Castle, Kent home of Anne Boleyn before her marriage to Henry VIII
  62. Larry , actor who played the title role in 1946 biopic The Jolson Story
  63. See 11
  64. 1981 novel by Peter Carey
  65. Cyd , actress-dancer who played Fiona Campbell in 1954 film musical Brigadoon
  66. The , 1953 film drama starring Richard Burton and Jean Simmons
  67. Liquid of shellac dissolved in alcohol that dries to form a hard protective coating
  68. Heavyweight boxer; 1967 and 1970 BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award winner
  69. Tycho , Danish astronomer who established the Uraniborg Observatory on the island of Hven
  70. Tree or shrub of the genus Myrica also called bayberry
  71. Brian , Grand National winner on Red Alligator and Red Rum
  72. Marcus Vipsanius , Roman general, son-in-law of Augustus, who died in 12 BC
  73. Carl , optical instruments manufacturer established in Germany in 1846
  74. Patrick , New Zealand-born Widnes Vikings rugby league wing previously with Bradford Bulls
  75. 1996 novel by Melvin Burgess
  76. 1964 stage play by Peter Shaffer
  77. Actress who portrayed Mary Shelley in 1986 horror film Gothic
  78. Ruth , actress known from her performances as Gladys Ormphby on US comedy show Rowan & Martins Laugh-In
  79. Town in Greater Manchester on the River Irwell
  80. Genus comprising the Australian desert-dwelling lizard known as the thorny devil
  81. Any of the separate parts of the calyx of a flower
  82. Christian , 2004 Olympic triple jump gold medallist
  83. 2003 novel by D W Buffa
  84. Johan , 1981 Australian Open singles tennis championship winner
  85. See 16
  86. Exeter Chiefs rugby union wing/centre formerly with Bath Rugby
  87. Konstantinos , 2000 Olympic 200m gold medallist
  88. Anglo-Saxon settler; brother of Hengist
  89. Daniel Francois , prime minister of South Africa from 1948-54
  90. Claude , director of 1991 film drama Madame Bovary
  91. 1998 animated film featuring the voice talent of Woody Allen as Z
  92. British motor racing driver; F1 1959 German GP winner
  93. See 8 Across
  94. See 12
  95. 2007-15 US television drama series starring Jon Hamm as Don Draper
  96. See 6 Across
  97. Pacific salmon with red flesh valued as a food fish
  98. Small town in Flintshire, Wales, noted for its 13th-century ruined castle
  99. Wes , actor who played Eytukan in 2009 action film Avatar
  100. La Bonita, 1987 Madonna hit

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