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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 16-October-2018
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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 12-October-2018
  1. Affliction may be bland
  2. Arrogant, if true
  3. Jailer to break up our act? Not us!
  4. Most glad with you finally getting some kind of sleep in this medical condition
  5. Beethovens third, fifth, sixth and ninth: my copy is ear-shattering
  6. Fractured ankle is bad, in pieces
  7. Note: get up and learn
  8. See 14
  9. Dawn French in romantic sitcom that starts not too demanding
  10. Spilling fine ale a reason for such a biting rebuke
  11. Praise for current company getting a new deal
  12. This picks up light wine, if essentially deficient
  13. Undue interference shown ultimately by grandmother is my problem
  14. Heavy breather ignored, extremely cross
  15. Primitive draw?
  16. Like some units taking a risk
  17. Delinquent hangout in which one toilet is turned upside down
  18. Under shelf is another essay on a time when theres little to report
  19. Seizes unfinished extortion note
  20. Philistine drinks too much of this element
  21. Table container would make easy money, if switched to rail
  22. Fans of a heartless romance, drink up
  23. Once more committed a boring and endless reformation
  24. Hiding poor result by blowing
  25. Google site reporting enhanced cleavage?
  26. Fag end found by less energetic tradesman
  27. See 17
  28. See 1
  29. Investigation after soldiers brand companion
  30. Skilled workers close relatives
  31. Oscar tucked into overcooked fish
  32. Story about fellow can be forgiven
  33. Event to talk about endlessly
  34. Well read American volumes devoured
  35. Boy in distress becomes a champion
  36. Senior churchman makes parson sympathise
  37. Dot moans about old creature
  38. Drink very quietly with opposition leader in Syria
  39. Pipe disintegrating each summer
  40. Chop up hardwood?
  41. Sniff at old Bobs foot sore?
  42. Cut train in error? Its withdrawn!
  43. A lemon is prepared for dessert
  44. Contradict unknown understudy?
  45. Get high before big exams
  46. Vocal in revolutionary hymn
  47. Im Bill and Im not what I seem
  48. Footwear for English banker wearing suit
  49. Jewellery taken casually round port
  50. Windbag caught milliner on TV
  51. Church in request thats improper
  52. Records evaluate hanging
  53. Joiner getting workers point fairly slowly
  54. A flirt is carefree
  55. American chums adapted the same
  56. Shelter acceptable for some Rwandans
  57. Broadcast mocking animal eating grain as fodder
  58. Fatty substances put Tory leader on edge
  59. Man going on board with female, in steady relationship at first
  60. Girl returned to look quickly through yearly publications
  61. Standard way of saying RAM must remain constant?
  62. Badger runs through mown grass
  63. Sting involving gin and rum drunk around Geordieland?
  64. A rook nested in smaller species overcrowded area
  65. Car that only young owners treasure always starts
  66. Southern river with very good crustaceans
  67. See 11
  68. See 11
  69. Adult errs when drunk? Butts in here, perhaps
  70. See 15
  71. Article with piece about female trainspotter
  72. Piece of cake turned up? Keep mum on!
  73. See 11
  74. Some running of errands for dogsbody
  75. Topless thin torso, sporting white bloomers
  76. Rogue with second name unknown
  77. See 27
  78. One writing piece about male star
  79. Impractically theoretical medic taking round out to home by river
  80. Crime committed against state senator?
  81. Those wrongly taking clarinet solos, discontentedly playing
  82. Poet from Maidenhead almost set off in posh car
  83. Notes drink causing muddled confusion
  84. Essential for galop, metronomes rising speed
  85. Computer keyboards lead is waterproof
  86. Blame shifted, after royal subject knocked over dearest possession
  87. On appeal, worn out clothing is taken off
  88. Sign of damage artist expunged from sacred symbol
  89. Great extremes of heat causing depression on the coast
  90. Short work made of new setters content
  91. Teacher brought back unique meat dish
  92. Lady getting round awkward snag puts on show again
  93. Prime gatherer, in other words?
  94. Embracing love, Superman did nothing to change his routine
  95. Bobs brusque, definitely withdrawn
  96. Forgot books sent over with German journalist
  97. Old section of church rail, generally
  98. Master Latin with merit
  99. Cooks and serves buns?
  100. Rates of progress back and forth between the stars

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