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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 12-December-2018
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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 10-December-2018
  1. Called Island about band member
  2. Accumulates trouble below and on high
  3. Start working group
  4. Dismisses backing band twice before show starts
  5. King or queen beyond rabbit hole? Its hard to say
  6. See 6
  7. Start of true love? Licks honey, prepared for French kissing
  8. Query reason for neatness
  9. See 19
  10. Air complaint for Mavis
  11. Wooden home beside main road across northern China
  12. Ring doctor about card game
  13. Detective showing face around Oxford?
  14. Umpteenth rallentandos hidden charm
  15. Bad jokes about parking in the capital
  16. Deny any connection with row about female
  17. Car (rattletrap), one that goes on and on
  18. Reportedly one thats gone off soft leather
  19. Variable length, once absorbed in respectable screw
  20. Slap fool thats left for Germany
  21. Small child gets into wrong Ford in Bulgarian capital
  22. Speaks about taking the lead from Yorkshire and Surrey openers
  23. Painful condition making a horse trot unevenly
  24. Kill time in US cafe, around about half four
  25. Punishment from cross man
  26. Refuse to acknowledge detectives right
  27. Stare at Johnny before kiss
  28. Someone having tooth extracted that likely heads for small town in Eastern Europe?
  29. Birds raised in these eggs
  30. Tongue-in-cheek, helpful tips for a small person
  31. Lock fixer and musical stagehand
  32. Pam too slack for graft
  33. Put in a good word for Seal
  34. Young producer, calculating type
  35. Gear pin hindrance? Not quite
  36. Weird things state in which stars may be seen
  37. Clothos from south Middlesex location?
  38. Iodine in gins a stimulant Tramp
  39. Stars debut appearance in daily soap?
  40. Fly at an early age
  41. Vehicle 101 has complete lack of data that produces growth
  42. Brooks headless fish
  43. Kind of heathen, one to be avoided
  44. Cynic died before seeing about having a ball
  45. Irk privileged American pest
  46. Medic wants silver for headache
  47. Units music award not quite the ultimate in prestige
  48. Stone-like work by a band
  49. Bounders pet?
  50. Discontented Salzburg to restrict shopping venue? Fine no big deal
  51. Bands run exposed
  52. Spiky catkins, say, found in the American Midwest
  53. German city with little time to turn up distinctive qualities
  54. Burn unseen, as sculptor under sun
  55. Soldiers providing vessel support via radio
  56. Presidents view of newspaper?
  57. Mo has present for an unimportant person
  58. River fishs swim
  59. Diversion something necessary to get round European soldiers
  60. Religious establishment backed vote for protecting bishops
  61. Refers to tourist attractions, repeatedly mentioning these locations
  62. For start of book, two things a knight has?
  63. Female not just a provider of entertainment
  64. Like some old people here, having reduced fishing around area
  65. Final stanza that may be read in broken voice
  66. Cast lacking confidence in company
  67. Head off old car, producing road rage, for example
  68. Portray female author as pro­gressively involved
  69. Diamonds Id turned into money, like a rotter
  70. Page about fictional hero holding one cold and negative attitude
  71. Sense of achievement from hunting animals collectively
  72. Demolish east wing of building in a sorry state
  73. A short sentence added to American volume without changing any characters
  74. Crews in race circuit site missing leading article
  75. Writer with 27 endlessly able to produce 9
  76. Body covering USA revised one set of beliefs
  77. Right part of book right for father of 6 2, for one
  78. Sculptures or other form of art, say, divided by working group
  79. Romantic heroine, Juliet, with a new energy, Romeo coming into view
  80. Scraping racket in a game
  81. See 6
  82. Stop and return, if led astray
  83. Musical performance originally arranged round old piano
  84. PM once linked with partner in 19th-century novel
  85. The writer is caught by very upset assistant in compromis­ing position
  86. Displaying either component of a novel by a lady
  87. Author in part of Greece penning article
  88. Stupid people do it after change of heart, interrupting lives
  89. Explorer in rescue vessel put under pressure
  90. For instance, game briefly written up in press
  91. Eponymous heroine, such as Madame Bovary
  92. One maybe put on runs: deliveries knocked over the top
  93. Great first love letter
  94. Breakfast supplier back to cook scrambled egg roll right away
  95. Part of organ not quite audible around old church
  96. Model to pose for job
  97. Now feel bad about director cutting salary
  98. Fire single sniper shot
  99. Mismanage second team thats winning
  100. 27 on pub game

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