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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 15-October-2018
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 8-October-2018
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 1-October-2018
  1. Doctor cures earl for free
  2. Light using large unit of electrical current
  3. Eve out to secure good places to eat garden produce
  4. The French claimed independence with the German song
  5. Waterborne creatures arrange untied knot
  6. Always remove injured soldiers
  7. First lady books special occasions
  8. Environmentalists planting new vegetable in Mediterranean country
  9. Australian leaving country in need of food
  10. Prize bull losing footing in space
  11. Ghettos loosely surrounding northern capital
  12. Editor rising to partners challenge
  13. Animal and a collection of teeth found in burial site
  14. Old man gets old wall moulding
  15. Frisky mare tucked into healthy-looking plant
  16. Adam finally taken in by falsehood gets fruit
  17. Stop in dodgy side street
  18. Father to include service before end of aisle is repaired
  19. Learnt about feature of some animals
  20. Go from door to door selling bicycle part, reportedly
  21. Measures concentration shown by bird judges
  22. Officers endgame designed to trap king
  23. Mild chap ordered gin
  24. Five shown to be justified
  25. Dean alarms swimming amphibian
  26. Pass starter of extra large mushy peas
  27. Company messenger heading off as escort
  28. Service finally made to employ female therapist
  29. Essay on big cats for the powerless?
  30. Seconder mistakenly cut
  31. Force ex-pupil to tell an untruth about George
  32. Person at home wearing dress for worker
  33. Doorman produces beer and wine for the Queen
  34. The Spanish article has style
  35. Chance of crop pest mutation
  36. Maybe create lace and go faster
  37. Fix about a couple
  38. In high spirits, when a bridge player dealt differently
  39. A board game?
  40. Zone in new country originally producing metal
  41. Care for Dicky: hes rich
  42. Meant for person to whom you are engaged
  43. For Moley a note to pass through
  44. Ample to make a small cake and possibly tea, say
  45. Composer curbs the arrangement
  46. Journey starts at the river estuarys keys
  47. Fall in research gets worse again
  48. Thought to have speculated
  49. Went ahead with good early run, firstly for the record book
  50. Freedom, when I input my code
  51. Irish girls in ones cell anyway
  52. Gemstone from old friend
  53. Able to take in under direction, if initially its heard
  54. Uniformly flat
  55. Located fashionable fabric
  56. Small child and woman are travelling behind
  57. Worry about waste
  58. Towards the thin end of the wedge?
  59. Stops husband taking keys
  60. Check girls included in come back
  61. Proper musical makes brief comeback after one thats crude
  62. Remain with car caught in river
  63. Still shy about start of year with class
  64. Went back to room thats out of this world
  65. Flee from Spain after ridiculous duel
  66. At home let tea include cooked eggs
  67. Each movement causes pain
  68. Beats back revolutionarys initial success in short bursts
  69. Used for hanging key with small ring on back
  70. Mayoress told off, its happened before
  71. I say flee disorder for a stress-free existence
  72. Amphora still contains wine
  73. May hear broadcast, its more powerful
  74. Judge England/Australia game
  75. Getting less flatulence after starting dinner with fish
  76. With distance to return home, dined on take out
  77. Aristocrat, briefly following sport, gives money
  78. Perhaps slip down ahead of man carrying weapon
  79. Go to cover drugs with dish
  80. Agreed reports to be suppressed
  81. Chief bridesmaid, running to n fro after mother, gets praise
  82. Temporary help with stenography
  83. Damaged carriage lacking starter causes turbulence in flight
  84. Express frustration after removing clip from graphical representation
  85. Spotted outbreak contracted from childs waste container
  86. Express disappointment with problem it all sounds so daunting
  87. Island displays measure of interest in racing centre
  88. Propose restricting route for this type of vehicle
  89. Re-approve complicated approach to handling unwelcome cracks
  90. Vintage poster depicting Boys in Blue
  91. Dangerous location from which to get stolen jumpers returned
  92. Lightly cover edges with a versatile material
  93. Chance of success when Vatican replaces Head of Debt
  94. Complete dietary description appreciated by gluttons
  95. Complain about check on basic piece of information
  96. Its shown to those getting cards
  97. It measures spirits of subject as temperature drops
  98. Half of them rumble with a rhythmic sound
  99. Attractive lead, perhaps taking time out for curry?
  100. Upset academic spoke at length

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