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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 10-December-2018
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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 26-November-2018
  1. One knocking top off large fireplace
  2. Offspring lives with Susan
  3. Redesign planetarium without right engineer
  4. Emblem right for plague
  5. Number of article relating to a sense of beauty
  6. Wounding comment on notice over small island
  7. Just fine atmosphere
  8. Idle, posh prisoner raised trophy bomb
  9. Monument of leaders character
  10. Erratic mounted police contain riotous raid
  11. Believes in maintaining hard drives
  12. Egomaniac insists car is restyled
  13. Delight bear
  14. Penny pressed and cleaned
  15. Tracked part of play over time with director
  16. Heads of kingdoms negotiate international treaty and unite
  17. Air assistance coming back with one second opinion
  18. Remove permit to enter river
  19. Exposed and inwardly vulnerable when retreating
  20. Transport unions head replaced by Conservative, briefly
  21. Ruins ground thrown all about
  22. Tried out black vehicle with scarlet upholstery
  23. Regard card head shows trial participant
  24. Strangely agrees to accept the empty ships lowest class accommodation
  25. Religious instruction to the German jockey
  26. Very pale, like domesticated fowl
  27. Camera-shy, concealing skin complaint
  28. Swimmer private investigator managed to hoax regularly
  29. Left European space in exchange for money
  30. Approve goal men seek regularly
  31. Petition involving empty syringe found in tree
  32. A bent tuber spoilt vegetable
  33. Bishop always has time for a drink!
  34. Very little money taken by Khartoums first open-air market
  35. Special places to buy pants?
  36. Woman catching the French disease
  37. Criminal playing second clarinet
  38. Aggro met arranging a loan
  39. German train derailed by bottom of loose rock
  40. Doctor reunited with slimmer getting the shakes
  41. Female touring Republic of Ireland initially gaining the heart of Connemara idol
  42. Dress put on old film star
  43. Shocked to find animal beginning to graze next to wounded deer
  44. A priest longs to see Native Americans
  45. Sailor carrying second Russian emperor
  46. Spa citys huge feeling of anticlimax
  47. Backward reader got confused about the end of chapter
  48. Fish wars breaking out with some excitement to begin with
  49. Polish commentary on text
  50. Ancestor in a live re-enactment of compulsory time in the military
  51. One skilled in drawing game given to king (or queen)
  52. A muse associated with actors last breathing system
  53. Area of land getting alternative vehicle
  54. Consent obtained by a European, almost
  55. Dont alter this prediction for the future, or cut out a listening device
  56. Sextet are portrayed coming back to accept work
  57. More embarrassed, one way or another
  58. Article about a particular place
  59. Elvis plied regularly with special kind of fats
  60. thats obsolete after support is revised retrospectively
  61. Rover is leading name of most Alsatian dogs
  62. Attack leading study
  63. Trio likes playing its a source of energy
  64. Information provided by Chesterton, initially?
  65. Date top Chinese, for example
  66. Chance taken by father holding position
  67. Their colour discrimination makes rodents hold back like this
  68. Without borders, fancy short stop at sea
  69. Proposition discovered left out in hotel chain
  70. Chapel is so fortunate to hold returned relic
  71. Is nothing sacred to them?
  72. Encourage secretive group that is hiding tax
  73. providing clear evidence of invention
  74. Editor bleeps second half out, making it suitable for consumption
  75. Talk about when to drive off in the late afternoon
  76. Acceptable building extension for conservative types?
  77. concerning fixed charge
  78. Officer overwhelmed by joy in Highland valley
  79. See 4
  80. Classic location for the mill recommended by dentists
  81. The financial ombudsman limits this material
  82. Brides gone berserk, making bits and pieces
  83. Old school punishment excited silent majority
  84. Dumping of waste into a ruin is wrong
  85. Terribly frosty around November? They keep nuts warm
  86. Conclude theres no escaping hell
  87. Papers have problems supporting this leader
  88. Drop support for scapegoat
  89. Showing interest initially in distribution of cheap tat? Quite the opposite
  90. Sign reversed by top Greek mathematician
  91. Somehow assist stoppage
  92. Meticulously removing awful scum could give assurance
  93. Turn game off causing row
  94. Delete periods of history before the end
  95. Bad oil? Bargain first
  96. Group not allowed to broadcast
  97. Spies holding writer disregarding Western standards
  98. Tropical tree in the shrubbery
  99. Bubbly MPs date is minted
  100. Check canines?

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