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  1. Anabolic steroid for which Petr Korda, Shoaib Akhtar and Linford Christie all tested positive
  2. Italian language opera buffa by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart whose libretto was written by Lorenzo Da Ponte
  3. Tree or shrub of the genus Salix
  4. Trilogy of action films starring Liam Neeson, beginning in 2008
  5. A multihulled sailing vessel found primarily in the Malay Archipelago and the South Pacific
  6. See 31
  7. Viktor ___, prime minister of Hungary from 2010
  8. Stage name of Deborah Anne Dyer, lead vocalist of Skunk Anansie
  9. Squid, especially in Mediterranean cuisine
  10. 1975 Top Ten hit for Frankie Valli
  11. English writer best known for his childrens book Swallows and Amazons
  12. English dramatist, poet and translator whose plays include Tamburlaine the Great and The Jew of Malta
  13. American basketball player drafted by the Orlando Magic with the first overall pick in the 1992 NBA Draft
  14. See 6
  15. A small Old World rodent of the family Gliridae
  16. Theodore ___, American poet awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1954 for his book The Waking
  17. The plant Chrysanthemum parthenium, formerly used medicinally
  18. 1979 album by Loudon Wainwright III recorded at various venues in the UK and in California
  19. Author whose novels include At Risk and Present Danger
  20. 1986 book based on material excerpted from the unpublished diaries of Anaïs Nin
  21. The capital of Belgium
  22. The largest reservoir in the United States in terms of water capacity
  23. English comedian, actor and writer whose comedy partner is David Mitchell
  24. Fictional country in central Europe which forms the setting for The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope
  25. 1959 film, based on the short story Rodolphe et le Revolver by Noel Calef, starring John Mills and his real life daughter Hayley in her first major film role
  26. Town in West Lothian, Scotland, 2 miles south of the Neolithic burial site at Cairnpapple Hill
  27. Region of NW France whose cities include Nantes, Rennes and Brest
  28. A wealthy baronet in Richard Brinsley Sheridans play The Rivals
  29. Deputy Leader of the Labour Party from 1959-60 under Hugh Gaitskell
  30. The large feline mammal Panthera pardus
  31. Judith Rossners last published novel
  32. See 13
  33. One-act play by Tennessee Williams that opened off Broadway in January 1958, as part of a double bill with Something Unspoken
  34. Opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to a German libretto by Emanuel Schikaneder
  35. 1930 Marx Brothers film in which Groucho Marx plays explorer Captain Spaulding
  36. Latin form of Hail Mary
  37. A domed or vaulted semicircular or polygonal recess, especially at the east end of a church
  38. 2003 Christmas film starring Will Ferrell
  39. In Greek mythology, a queen of Sparta who was the mother of Helen and Pollux by Zeus, who visited her in the form of a swan
  40. The part of the human body enclosed by the ribs
  41. BBC sitcom written by Carla Lane that starred Felicity Kendal as Gemma Palmer
  42. Song by Sir Noël Coward that originated in his 1929 operetta Bitter Sweet
  43. The government department in charge of finance
  44. Beetle regarded by the ancient Egyptians as divine
  45. Substance also known as bleaching powder
  46. The third largest state in Brazil, the name meaning thick brushes
  47. State of Nigeria whose capital is Ibadan
  48. Actor and director whose elder sister is Shirley MacLaine
  49. American singer, songwriter and musician who joined The Byrds in 1968 and formed The Flying Burrito Brothers with fellow Byrd Chris Hillman in 1969
  50. Isabella ___, actress daughter of Ingrid Bergman whose films include Blue Velvet and Death Becomes Her
  51. Another name for the white poplar
  52. The state of being free from disease-causing contaminants
  53. Birmingham-based manufacturer of railway carriages and wagons founded in 1863
  54. 1996 Tony Scott film starring Robert De Niro and Wesley Snipes
  55. German city that is the leading administrative centre of the Ruhr
  56. Redness of the skin caused by irritation or injury to the tissue
  57. A large, four-legged walking robot introduced in the Star Wars film The Empire Strikes Back
  58. The capital of Guam
  59. Another name for the papaya
  60. Actor who played Jim Rockfords father Rocky in the TV series The Rockford Files
  61. Small constellation containing the star Vega
  62. Greek dramatist, regarded as the father of Greek tragedy, whose seven extant plays include the Oresteia trilogy
  63. Department of southwestern France whose cities include Lourdes
  64. A royal crown, especially a light jewelled circlet
  65. Sponging character in Charles Dickens novel Bleak House supposedly based on Leigh Hunt
  66. See 20
  67. Actress who played Sabrina Duncan in the TV series Charlies Angels
  68. The teenage high school student whose alter ego is Spider-Man
  69. Breakfast cereal manufactured by the Kellogg Company since 1956
  70. 1974 single referencing The Wizard of Oz that was Americas fourth top-ten hit in the US
  71. 1979 UK and US top ten hit single for Randy VanWarmer
  72. The first James Bond film not to use the title of an Ian Fleming novel
  73. 1997 comedy film starring Jim Carrey as lawyer Fletcher Reed
  74. Any of the small drupes that make up the fruit of the blackberry, raspberry, etc.
  75. French city on the Deûle River, near Frances border with Belgium
  76. The aromatic Indian plant Nardostachys jatamans, which has rose-purple flowers
  77. See 18
  78. Of, relating to, or resembling a hawk
  79. Island in the Caribbean whose capital is Bridgetown
  80. A method of encoding a bitmap image such that a person who has partially received it sees a degraded copy of the entire image
  81. Elizabeth ___, English author whose novels include Cranford, North and South and Wives and Daughters
  82. German composer whose works include Der Rosenkavalier and Salome
  83. A person who divines, especially by crystal gazing
  84. Musteline mammal also called a honey badger
  85. 1985 comedy-Western starring Tom Berenger and John Waynes son Patrick
  86. A sea bird of the family Stercorariidae
  87. Collection of 15 short stories by James Joyce first published in 1914
  88. Very large oval Indian diamond that has been part of the British crown jewels since 1849
  89. The capital and largest town of the Faeroe Islands
  90. The last Emperor of China
  91. The first black Archbishop of Cape Town
  92. 1978 American disaster film with Rock Hudson and Mia Farrow
  93. 1981 adventure film starring Harry Hamlin as Perseus
  94. Alison ___, actress who played Beverley in Abigails Party and Candice Marie in Nuts in May for husband Mike Leigh
  95. Japanese city in Nagasaki Prefecture that is home to a Dutch-styled theme park called Huis ten Bosch
  96. Georges ___, French composer noted for ballet and film music who was one of les Six
  97. BBC TV show broadcast from 1975 to 1979 whose regular performers included the dancers New Edition
  98. Hebrew word meaning peace, completeness and welfare that can be used idiomatically to mean both hello and goodbye
  99. Roman emperor born Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus
  100. A size of writing paper that is 23 by 28 inches

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