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  1. Mixture of flour and fat used as the thickening agent in several classical French sauces
  2. A magician and duke in the medieval German epic poem Parzival
  3. The part of a firearm behind the barrel or bore
  4. In cricket, rounders, etc, a teams or individual batsmans turn at batting
  5. Speaker of the House of Commons from 1992 to 2000
  6. Jack ___, American actor best known for his work with director David Lynch, such as his role as Henry Spencer in Eraserhead
  7. Chris ___, English singer-songwriter whose hits include Fool (If You Think Its Over) and The Road to Hell
  8. Winners of footballs European Championships in 1984 and 2000
  9. Winners of footballs European Championships in 2004
  10. Chris ___, Welsh radio broadcaster who received a Variety Club of Great Britain Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009
  11. A type of film transition where one shot replaces another by travelling from one side of the frame to the other
  12. Winners of footballs European Championships in 1976
  13. Italian jockey who claimed his sixth Prix de lArc de Triomphe in 2018 aboard Enable
  14. Winners of footballs European Championships in 1996
  15. In printing, another name for a solidus
  16. 1986 Ken Russell film starring Gabriel Byrne, Julian Sands and Natasha Richardson
  17. University city in central Germany on the river Saale
  18. Another name for gorse
  19. Winners of footballs European Championships in 1972 and 1980
  20. Daughter of Zeus and Leda whose abduction by Paris brought about the Trojan War
  21. Winners of footballs European Championships in 1968
  22. Denis ___, TV presenter who was Frank Muirs comedy writing partner
  23. Winners of footballs European Championships in 1988
  24. The basic SI unit of thermodynamic temperature
  25. One of a race of mythical fierce human-like creatures in the writings of J R R Tolkien
  26. Inaugural winners of footballs European Championships in 1960
  27. An eight-legged invertebrate animal in the subphylum Chelicerata
  28. African country whose capital is Windhoek
  29. German band formed in Düsseldorf in 1971 by Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother after their split from Kraftwerk
  30. The seabird Larus argentatus, which has black-tipped white wings and pink legs
  31. 2012 Steven Spielberg film for which Daniel Day-Lewis won a Best Actor Oscar
  32. Real first name of singer Billie Holiday
  33. American city whose port is the busiest cruise ship passenger port in the world
  34. Naturally occurring granular material often composed of silica in the form of quartz
  35. Poem written by Horace c. 19 BC and first translated into English in 1566 by Thomas Drant
  36. A female sheep
  37. Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Amsterdam
  38. Winners of footballs European Championships in 1992, despite failing to qualify for the tournament
  39. Plant such as Galanthus nivalis, which has white bell-shaped flowers that bloom in early spring
  40. 2006 top ten hit single by Diddy featuring Christina Aguilera
  41. American private Ivy League research university located in New Haven, Connecticut
  42. Amorphous mineral that is a source of iron
  43. With Estragon, one of the two main characters in Samuel Becketts Waiting for Godot
  44. Town in Bridgend County Borough, Wales, whose name translates as fair field
  45. Municipality in the Province of Batangas, Philippines, politically subdivided into 26 barangays
  46. Winners of footballs European Championships in 1964, 2008 and 2012
  47. 1993 film starring Patrick Swayze and Halle Berry
  48. Winners of footballs European Championships in 2016
  49. Canadian singer who won the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest for Switzerland
  50. William ___, English chemist noted for his modification of the atomic theory in the early 19th century
  51. Sheikhdom on the Persian Gulf whose capital is Manama
  52. See 44
  53. Glandular organ situated below the thyroid that atrophies with age and is almost nonexistent in adults
  54. A flock of ravens
  55. The large Eurasian passerine bird Corvus monedula
  56. See 12
  57. English translation of a German proverb that first appeared in the medieval German beast epic Reinhart Fuchs by Heinrich der Glïchezäre
  58. In the southwestern United States, flour made of parched ground corn, mesquite beans, sugar, etc.
  59. Marlene ___, German-American actress and singer who played Lola-Lola in the 1930 film The Blue Angel
  60. City in Winnebago County, Wisconsin, where the Fox River enters Lake Winnebago
  61. 1827 novel by James Fenimore Cooper, the third featuring Natty Bumppo, subtitled A Tale
  62. British pop singer best known for her successful 1988 dance track The Only Way Is Up
  63. Tennis player succeeded by Andy Murray as British number 1 in 2005
  64. English name for the fifth sign of the zodiac
  65. Fictional Japanese secret agent created by American author John P Marquand