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  1. Another name for a sponsor at a christening
  2. The second largest city in the United States
  3. The largest city and former administrative capital of Sri Lanka
  4. Irish author whose novels include Light a Penny Candle and Circle of Friends
  5. Horse that gave trainer Fred Winter his fourth and final Grand National victory in 1966
  6. The only driver to win the Triple Crown of Motorsport: the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Indianapolis 500 and Formula One World Championship
  7. The Eurasian rose, Rosa rubiginosa, also called eglantine
  8. Song by Barry Mason and Les Reed that was one of Engelbert Humperdincks biggest hits, spending five weeks at number one in the UK charts in 1967
  9. Annual international dog show organised by the Kennel Club
  10. The pipe on a set of bagpipes on which the melody is played
  11. E M ___, author whose novels include Where Angels Fear to Tread and Howards End
  12. 2000 Coen Brothers film loosely based on Homers Odyssey
  13. Moroccan runner who won the 5000m at the 1984 Olympics
  14. Electronic dance music duo consisting of brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll
  15. See 2
  16. Small Scottish port and resort on the Firth of Lorne
  17. Home ground of Macclesfield Town FC
  18. Guyana-born musician whose 1982 single I Dont Wanna Dance spent three weeks at number one in the UK chart
  19. See 16
  20. Harry Potter and the ___ Hallows, seventh and final of J K Rowlings Harry Potter novels
  21. See 24
  22. Athenian statesman and general in the Peloponnesian War who defected to the Spartans in 415, but returned and led the victories at Abydos and Cyzicus
  23. Dublin venue for the Playboy Riots in January 1907
  24. American film producer, screenwriter and director who created Star Wars and Indiana Jones
  25. Sports car model built by Lotus in the UK between 1976 and 2004
  26. Town in County Durham noted for steel-making from 1840 to 1980
  27. Stage name of Wouter De Backer whose 2011 single Somebody That I Used to Know reached number one
  28. Another name for the flowering plant Campanula carpatica, native to the Carpathian Mountains
  29. Victor ___, French poet, novelist, and dramatist best known for the novels Les Misérables and Notre-Dame de Paris
  30. Chinese text also called the Book of Changes
  31. The Indo-European language of modern Iran
  32. Actor whose TV roles include Simon Templar in The Saint and Lord Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders!
  33. The second most populous city in Africa after Cairo
  34. The second album by The The, released in 1986
  35. Brazilian state whose capital is Recife
  36. An animal such as Didelphis marsupialis of North, Central and South America
  37. See 21
  38. The ancient Greek goddess of peace
  39. The first player to score for seven different teams in the Premier League
  40. Any of various brightly coloured tropical freshwater fishes of the genus Hemigrammus and related genera
  41. Yulia ___, the first woman Prime Minister of Ukraine
  42. In the Old Testament, the eldest son of Aaron
  43. Drownings during the Reign of Terror at Nantes
  44. Plant of the genus Buphthalmum with daisy-like flower heads
  45. Gas used in the manufacture of organic chemicals and in cutting and welding metals
  46. Pulitzer Prize-winning Edith Wharton novel published in 1920
  47. An intelligent horse described in the last part of Jonathan Swifts Gullivers Travels
  48. Something believed in certain cultures to be the embodiment of a spirit or magical powers
  49. American singer and cowboy actor born Leonard Franklin Slye in 1911
  50. Boxer originally called Cassius Clay
  51. English author whose novels include Sons and Lovers
  52. A machine-readable arrangement of numbers and parallel lines of different widths printed on an item
  53. Marquis de ___, 18th-century French philosopher and politician whose works include Sketch for a Historical Picture of the Progress of the Human Mind
  54. See 37
  55. Lerner and Loewe musical based on George Bernard Shaws play Pygmalion
  56. In logic, a statement that is assumed to be true for the purpose of an argument from which a conclusion is drawn
  57. English novelist best known for Black Beauty
  58. In the Old Testament, the valley below Jerusalem where children were sacrificed
  59. See 28
  60. In the Old Testament, the wife of Isaac and the mother of Jacob and Esau
  61. Peter ___, French philosopher and theologian whose love for Heloise is recorded in their correspondence
  62. 1949 Raoul Walsh film in which James Cagney shouts the line Made it, Ma! Top of the world!