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The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 17-October-2018
The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 16-October-2018
The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 15-October-2018
  1. Get down - from this perhaps!
  2. No danger signal
  3. Vessel for refuse
  4. Badly violated a joint
  5. Its bound to appeal to the less affluent
  6. Win, possibly earned
  7. One who minds is easily hurt
  8. Far better than other door-to-door salesmen?
  9. Net value in its final form
  10. Forget Im about to reverse
  11. Each person in it has some very onerous duties
  12. Nothing to the German, though its his border
  13. A number expelled are downcast
  14. Make an effort to study with care
  15. Theyre known for insurance, in the main
  16. Keep arguing - like Mrs. Sprat did!
  17. Time to finish is what poets may need
  18. Depend on entirely? Not half!
  19. It seems a family man appears in a strange play
  20. Wrong director still has to be paid
  21. Imagined me in terror
  22. Filter the air
  23. About the first in that place
  24. Piece of ice destined to give way
  25. They provide the spirit of progress
  26. Chided a debater, perhaps
  27. Many rows of birds
  28. Fittingly test
  29. Getting level?
  30. Disturbance produced by a very loud fish
  31. Probably promising
  32. One of rank, perhaps
  33. Colours paving stones
  34. The way to defeat the East
  35. A cross in Italy shows where a composer is buried
  36. A gamblers faux pas?
  37. Is in good time but nearly loses a point
  38. Type of building well-known in architectural circles?
  39. Volume of business transactions
  40. Pawnbroker, relatively speaking
  41. My word!
  42. Yet it might be something in concrete
  43. An unfair comparison
  44. A firmly established sports meeting?
  45. Swarms over nests if disturbed
  46. Small ruler comes from Borneo
  47. Split caused when a hundred deserted
  48. Positional defence
  49. Mooted in downward movement
  50. Some reckless pedestrians were in a hurry
  51. Instrument not quite razor-edged
  52. Industrial action that is sure to be noticed
  53. It could be tricky for her playing in clubs
  54. Belonging to country with all due ceremony
  55. The stupidity of having no feelings?
  56. Not in but not left completely
  57. Come together in some ethereal way
  58. Clique make loud gesture
  59. Material taken from the ground is put back
  60. Was sorry, we hear, for being impolite
  61. Trust spinster content in negligence
  62. Deletion is certain after a period of time
  63. Burden journalists with work
  64. Opportunity to be in the open air is a remote possibility
  65. Soldier never seen in public?
  66. Do they indicate how hot-headed the scholar is?
  67. Finds it lonely without girls?
  68. He jeers when head of school gets money box
  69. Observed the cake was plain on top
  70. Draw out some philatelic items
  71. How many have an anaesthetic effect?
  72. This place is extraordinary
  73. Bend it owing to...
  74. ...suitable support we hear
  75. Another persons snap judgment?
  76. Dressed a hundred with auction purchase he had!
  77. Support for two
  78. Food for directors, perhaps
  79. Confection makes us subject to group environment
  80. Hasnt lost a limb and is ready to fight
  81. The cost of sending former writers East
  82. Nor is distaste a result of such writing
  83. Holiday nook?
  84. Vegetables for golfers?
  85. Creature as member of religious body
  86. Does he take patient notes?
  87. A wooden lot of magistrates?
  88. Squabble about one letter in another causes colourful display
  89. Doesnt the ordinary soldier work for his pay?
  90. More than vex the park-keeper
  91. They may yield interest but they are very restrictive
  92. Put different clothes on by way of compensation
  93. This colour is crazier still
  94. The pier seems somewhat black
  95. Against over-suspicious people being included
  96. Simon could ... out to become nothing
  97. The third months show of disgruntlement perhaps
  98. Its a beast to turn
  99. Shed to become lighter
  100. Presumably the pilot would rather have cream without it

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