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The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 12-December-2018
The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 11-December-2018
The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 10-December-2018
  1. Plane spotter during the war
  2. Its a combination of detachable locks
  3. The art of dealing with the upper set, maybe
  4. This will reflect what the drinker uses
  5. Not knowing about part of a gun - a war experience!
  6. Cut off tax
  7. Somehow lower the seabed
  8. A plant that yields for the fall
  9. The others, we hear, take something by force
  10. They are present on stirring occasions
  11. In favour of a class being made smaller
  12. Noted master to expound in a different way
  13. Amount of work produced from the power generator
  14. Takes part in a moving experience?
  15. Break off communication and keep in suspense
  16. Limit a textual copy inside
  17. Popular songs have a striking effect on military display
  18. Can this garment be worn with becoming modesty?
  19. Printing workers - the kind used by crossword compilers!
  20. Hero I cant make into a recluse
  21. A female of high note
  22. They may well steal pastoral equipment
  23. Able to be a better judge?
  24. Well trained for a sudden attack
  25. Read about challenge
  26. What an idiot Edward must be to have helped!
  27. License absence of sound
  28. 10 is about all right for the sign
  29. Learnt Arctic can be obstinate in opposition
  30. Additional items in the next rash spending spree
  31. Utter failure if return made in the manner of small company
  32. Is it used in making up the accountants bed?
  33. Reckon to be a titled man?
  34. Let nobody have dealings with one as unpunctual as this
  35. 11 arranged singly
  36. Not even chances?
  37. Does he get away from it all in the wilderness?
  38. Something saved from a derelict building, perhaps
  39. Acquiesce - nice, picturesque part
  40. Put the embassy underground during the lull
  41. The receipts apparently merit royal thanks
  42. Girl got up to have a meal
  43. Pest annually makes its appearance obnoxiously
  44. Stronghold needed to keep hair in?
  45. Crude at slander
  46. Performance in coat
  47. Animal from Eastern country
  48. Sound return from the chosen investment
  49. Uses some charm - everybody sure to be confused
  50. Cosy place for the start of a new life, we hear
  51. For this stunt, put busy worker in charge
  52. Being prejudiced, I depart in shocking debt
  53. Presumably no pointless contest!
  54. Prime piece of instruction in the service
  55. Work by newspaper reporters to impose a heavy load
  56. Take off for southern tour
  57. The bird to provide a quill
  58. Ones backing the artist - a girl from Barcelona
  59. This will cause ill-health - Dianas needing relaxation
  60. Worship what is destroyed by iconoclasts?
  61. Argue about being placed in a disorganised side
  62. To exile is not in the legal procedure
  63. Does he know how to put up goods for sale?
  64. Gun used by those who plunder?
  65. As played by tremulous musicians?
  66. Where one can land by removing ones clothes ?
  67. More than 50 set on beast
  68. Bits of machinery for eccentric people
  69. Sparing some stuff, rug also
  70. Article of clothing in which one might put ones money
  71. Hold back having a break when theres bad weather
  72. Free to let again
  73. Strong dislikes as the result
  74. Law no longer applying to deceased landlord?
  75. More certain fears
  76. Be greedy and thus outstrip?
  77. Sort of sound a dry speaker cant use?
  78. For fathead to have a meal is quite an achievement!
  79. Time for a levelling- out process?
  80. Come out of hiding to smash the disguise, perhaps
  81. The quality of having one purpose - to remain unmarried?
  82. Whim of a musician?
  83. Exonerate sailor and find the answer
  84. Cut letter sharp
  85. He plays when hes supposed to be working
  86. Worker could be up to tricks?
  87. One way of attracting attention when the weather is bad
  88. He swears hes one of twelve
  89. It supports one in retirement
  90. Romantic tangles
  91. Action produced by each class being given the cane perhaps
  92. How a tailor may do as he wishes?
  93. He has constructive ideas
  94. A sheepish expression!
  95. Of course, its a team event
  96. Fight and give a thrashing to a tough character
  97. Scene of a towering row
  98. Quite a lot of ice goes into this drink for Alice!
  99. Preposition used in any amount of sentences
  100. It circulates records

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