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The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 17-October-2018
The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 16-October-2018
The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 15-October-2018
  1. Harmony by one on this instrument
  2. From the lake we refilled the jug
  3. Presumably there is no cover charge for this entertainment centre!
  4. Pay for a seat
  5. It goes to a Frenchmans head
  6. One involved in diplomacy is silent
  7. As a dandy, hes one who fails to get the point
  8. Is put in a different position, so dont retire
  9. A cable attached to the right vessel
  10. Engage somebody to return the memoranda
  11. A frolicsome act will land the doctor in prison
  12. Fellow exercises monkeys
  13. They may be full of beer, the fools
  14. No fancy arboreal feature, we hear
  15. Emotional awareness of melodramatic occurrence
  16. Grasping members unusually latescent
  17. To gash with a point will make you smart
  18. Think theres nothing to long for
  19. Sounds like a pipe line immersed in water
  20. Work inside the shop usually
  21. In the ship youll find many narrow openings
  22. Staff used in relays
  23. To change the course of a fight, face the other way
  24. Cruel description of one without a suit
  25. Answers to the charges almost give satisfaction
  26. Communist hideout is enough to make you blush
  27. Dot is becoming a poet
  28. Impish enjoyment from a single escapade
  29. Farm building graduate joins the navy
  30. Set a boss up with protective material
  31. Man concealing many an explosive device
  32. Get right in the vehicle with less change in Belgium
  33. Drink body ruled ban out of order
  34. Man accompanying son to class
  35. Rock pieces based on note by Bolero composer
  36. My word! Virtuous and courteous!
  37. Rugby forwards taking a long time with parcels
  38. Said to be the destiny of the bazaar
  39. Wizard scorer out to meet the Queen
  40. Remain by the southern river
  41. Bad boy somehow gets fifty pounds for a toy
  42. Unsubstantiated claims that the drink belongs to us
  43. Clerk finding cheat in one quarter
  44. A fast race I run here
  45. Step on a tyre?
  46. Very, very indifferent
  47. Can make old ingredients into this
  48. Try blues out in windy conditions
  49. Brutal, but not evil, perhaps
  50. Country producing oil, say
  51. A mans large vehicle
  52. Love to drink up at work
  53. Give a parrot a pipe? Thats fitting
  54. Match Satan
  55. Verse about how to start a game of tennis
  56. Go in to make a record
  57. Lad were turning towards the wind
  58. A copper taking people on with mental sharpness
  59. They shape wood for aircraft
  60. Britons go out for an apple
  61. Intended to bowl a maiden over, but not entirely
  62. The kingdom of the genuine first monarch
  63. Lived like a man in a rush
  64. Day Yemen led out the mortal foe
  65. Pattern is firm in the mine
  66. Umpire has to allude to points
  67. Fathers part given to prisoner
  68. The offspring is a girl
  69. Trainer going over ground
  70. Possibly met fair earl in former force
  71. Does Dada do a new work thats completely finished
  72. You take it when youre displeased
  73. Alison and I possibly make contact
  74. I try an unusual document container
  75. Thanks to me, Penny is no longer wild
  76. Many take the man to be a woman
  77. Sort of bonus Colins ma may get
  78. South African robe ordered
  79. Animals rush back
  80. Song in a divided state
  81. Least likely to be off
  82. The same clothes
  83. Independent association of chips off the old block
  84. Eastern plane has speed to leave the country
  85. Measure of a legend?
  86. No right to generate trouble for adolescent
  87. Aimed to upset the press
  88. Girl by any other name?
  89. Counselling for divas gin problem
  90. Monotonous-sounding dance
  91. Knowledge of garland worn by siren
  92. Steady pace the tyre-checker had?
  93. New coin or ring found on the river
  94. Theres more than one way to get on this!
  95. Making a hole thats uninteresting
  96. Jersey tree was uprooted
  97. Hangs around to stir Leo up
  98. A man like William
  99. Right to seconds in the roof
  100. Unrealistic way of getting pain out

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