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The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 12-December-2018
The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 11-December-2018
The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 10-December-2018
  1. TV show that shows the best father
  2. Do air waves transmit it?
  3. Extremist hiding in the Istanbul train
  4. Iron found in the farmyard?
  5. Red learns about liar
  6. Cowboy uses it, winding a trail
  7. Doctor - the right sort of woman
  8. Point to cold spot
  9. A ship like a horse
  10. Sniffed at a fish
  11. Upset girl with nothing to question, we hear
  12. Either way, could be double dealing
  13. Gymnast spoilt Martin somehow
  14. Craze of France these days
  15. Cheer for who we hear is before the spotlight
  16. Weight to record once-expensive paper
  17. Father to gently touch the Queen
  18. They make waves, distressingly!
  19. Man understood by pilots
  20. Food needed - the gap its created!
  21. Intoxicating, like beer with froth on top?
  22. To feed cattle for a long time
  23. Chamber said to be for discharge
  24. Not a gross curtain
  25. Forecaster who needs to be given a hand
  26. Sounds like the chief Schubert works
  27. Superficial display holding the lot
  28. Window cleaners
  29. This is manipulated to determine the craft course
  30. Charitable support with a capital S, its said
  31. Describing trunk route which affects the rail rate
  32. By the end of the concert, it could be clued as melodious
  33. Slug taken medicinally
  34. Incorporated with some adjustment in earnings
  35. Determine the limit of French penalty
  36. About various clues he keeps to himself
  37. Malice shown by unfavourable bequest?
  38. Left beyond the main harbour
  39. Gradation marked by graduation!
  40. One who sticks to a female in a depression
  41. Complaint can possibly keep the youngster inside
  42. One who demonstrates bathroom equipment
  43. Moves out of the way when car tests go wrong
  44. One in dismal arrangement cant be found
  45. Not so inclined to show adulation
  46. Fruity character in A Midsummer Nights Dream
  47. In which class distinction cant be avoided
  48. The team appears one by one
  49. Possibly no art paints for George in England
  50. Choose to upset the pot
  51. Cathys out with a chap - a sailor!
  52. Sword for fighting bears?
  53. Agrees theres a point in valuable things
  54. Awfully rude on ship due to coercion
  55. Girl whos out of breath
  56. Stand-in about to start a game of tennis
  57. A new state of discernment
  58. A key number?
  59. Tool used to break the law
  60. Playing the violin dishonestly?
  61. Appropriate to get a point
  62. Give her my new poem
  63. Divine drink?
  64. Wrongly attires an entertainer
  65. Proposes Minnesota, perhaps?
  66. Being thoughtful, think of it as being consumed
  67. Without apologising for mixing mules and hay
  68. West Side Story composer giving inner best perhaps?
  69. Withdraw due to a slight injury
  70. The French aristocrat is not punished
  71. Some of Bert Weedons material?
  72. Suffer very good student
  73. They are determined by earthly revolutions
  74. Nurses go to sort out those in the theatre
  75. Our name could be used to charm
  76. It is returned by a fine artist as the crowning glory
  77. Made to go inside
  78. About a coin of late origin
  79. One who remains or keeps going!
  80. Advanced forms of the aristocracy
  81. Shockingly inflamed, I fear?
  82. A job with the French evangelist
  83. A gift from the same people
  84. More than one tea container runs out!
  85. Theatre employees qualified in first aid?
  86. Long story about the start of the epic
  87. Lacking maturity so could be punier
  88. Falls out as the soldier does when ordered to fall in!
  89. Eloquence in a place of worship
  90. Blow ones friends up
  91. Failed to profit from investment and became bored
  92. They handle the affairs of privileged convicts, we hear
  93. Heading leads to panic when misprinted
  94. Concoct a volume that includes this size of paper
  95. Stringed instrument for which the pitch is raised first
  96. Measure an enclosed area
  97. Makes some response and becomes a member again
  98. Very small weight in the fibre of the wood
  99. Stone put back in the parapet again
  100. Exhibitors found in fair surroundings

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