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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 8-November-2018
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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 6-November-2018
  1. Attacked over messages
  2. Climbers might step on these large snakes
  3. Conservative abandons school with hippy, radical way of thinking
  4. Dance music is common initially in party
  5. Doctor finally is paged and pain unexpectedly is vanishing
  6. Dress in unfashionable suit
  7. Fashion models? Thats their job
  8. Get shot of stuff?
  9. Head getting thanks in education carried on
  10. Jam jar
  11. Lawyer cut cheese
  12. Lazy star on the radio
  13. Loving French friend holding diamonds -- a symbol of deep affection?
  14. Lower theft?
  15. Name anything that is right? More difficult
  16. Newspaper, say, I sat on after ones tidying
  17. One criticised about old remote
  18. Play-off times?
  19. Poor hen mistreated -- ones always beaten
  20. Power leads bad for tablet
  21. Prevented son getting killed
  22. Rich for life, practically -- I lead in commerce
  23. Sailor recalled island and old relationship
  24. Scoundrel returning garment not right for Venus?
  25. Shy person limits razzmatazz
  26. Socks containing small animals
  27. Starts to examine artwork, say, expressionist left on here?
  28. The BBC is free to support article
  29. Those who voted for Trump remain as annoyed about Clintons front
  30. True, I later composed texts
  31. A couple of million swallowed by rising prices may be a cause of pain
  32. A daughter may be in list for such a car
  33. Amazed -- area seemed to protect them initially
  34. Appoint minister by name after radio broadcast
  35. Beer goes on board ship after permission for trade events
  36. Bring in listener before end of bulletin
  37. Carers from hospital composed poems about Hades mostly
  38. Communication channels raising target to incorporate education
  39. Engineers currently unknown may find fame
  40. Generally gutted sailor must be spinning
  41. Illustration that could be precise, if not funny
  42. Important case developed about university is a bit of an exaggeration
  43. Man of the church is correct to ignore bill
  44. Origin of this personal transport for urban area
  45. Parliament vacated after scream in vault
  46. Poles covered by characteristic passage
  47. Precursor of some peripheral devices
  48. President with hotel must accept one notable success
  49. Profile Royal Marines by answer and weapon
  50. Repugnant prospect offered to old boy
  51. Ship that might bear fruit?
  52. Show lover must have change of heart
  53. Sponge pudding from the east with filling of jam
  54. Staff ego unfortunately not visible to the audience
  55. Stationed last of troops in turbulent Rio Grande
  56. Type of purchase made by man reportedly having class
  57. Verify angry European broadcast
  58. Volunteers needed in case of shooting party
  59. A poet eating nothing on a train perhaps
  60. Against inflexible limit
  61. American soldier cutting orange in pieces for girl
  62. Astonished as lorry makes a loud noise at the front
  63. Avoid bumper car? Not quite
  64. Be responsible for poetry written in Old English
  65. Clear French own goal in game
  66. Corner netted by rising reserve in game
  67. Dance, ignoring a Greek character
  68. Dowdy woman following behind
  69. Fancy that man entering running race
  70. Fertiliser in plant container has worked
  71. Instrument: Im clued cryptically, by first of reversals
  72. Like the M25 section spoken about?
  73. Lose ones temper with a female wearing shirt-like garment
  74. Mentally slow, not acute?
  75. More attractive Mediterranean resort close to Gibraltar
  76. Piece of evidence, not so great, leaves one bewildered
  77. Popular party game, unfinished as a result
  78. Potential MP maybe frank over high tea
  79. Section of Rubicon I consider very famous
  80. Source of inspiration in spring
  81. Spanish girl learning to gatecrash parties
  82. Stop living with firm traditionalist
  83. Stop working and go to bed
  84. Take care of a rook left injured
  85. Turncoat failing men
  86. Visit Democrat in decline
  87. A piece of paper under discussion
  88. Attack bill
  89. Best time, a hundred and one
  90. Conspicuous lack of surface?
  91. Couturier resigned in a lather
  92. Crazy attempt to sink snooker ball
  93. Edible plant has eight round bits, all at the top
  94. Ending in Vaduz, a tailless bird in European capital
  95. Failed actor sore about British language
  96. Fake unearthed, covering indefinite number below
  97. Fluff man held is foul
  98. Halved, each number taken down
  99. Hide in desk, ingots
  100. Italian man disowning son -- never mind

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