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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 18-October-2018
The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 17-October-2018
The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 16-October-2018
  1. Bird regularly in bliss
  2. Bunk wife included in house rent
  3. Buyer of teas in cleaner surroundings
  4. Cap owner after vacation alfresco
  5. Climate unfortunately heats more round top of pole
  6. Cockneys excitement seeing gathering
  7. Component of part is annealed for mechanic
  8. Effect behind untruths, reportedly
  9. Endless band around iron strongboxes
  10. Firm dates changed going on diet
  11. Flourish acquiring small chest
  12. French bread?
  13. Funny socialists ultimately revolt, seizing power at last
  14. Glue is finished by end of tube
  15. Heart following spades produces points
  16. Insect concealed by such as border plant
  17. Looking back, honour involves stardom occasionally
  18. Loot is piled so high
  19. More enthusiastic Fortnite player??
  20. Narcissist, say, old bloke in charge across America
  21. Not noticed audibly in fog
  22. Old luvvies falter heartlessly before shows opening
  23. On any occasion first lady precedes Queen
  24. One learning about politician in press
  25. One seduces jerk embraced by upstanding Frenchman
  26. Opens out posh new motor
  27. Scorch sealing hot cut
  28. Section of Government ran Chequers section
  29. Short depression during cold period provokes illness
  30. Stomach consuming large surfeit
  31. This compilers critical taking time for cryptic
  32. Time to accept revolutionary Labour leaders position
  33. A daughter, about six, is enthusiastic
  34. Change may include a time for exchange of words
  35. Cross, using international tariff
  36. Defeat without question and disappear
  37. Determination left in suitor one upset
  38. Doctor held glance, being called into question
  39. Draw attention to line crossed by one thats smoked
  40. Expose satirical sketches about Republican fringes
  41. Follow up issue, having minor responsibility?
  42. Foot soldiers shot after home supporter
  43. Is left in with theirs, sadly
  44. Job finally accepted by perceptive chap
  45. Left of centre and mad with desire
  46. Limo work with student in snub for religion?
  47. New grain storage facility can be decorated
  48. Only virtues required for potential monks
  49. Outlandish -- like Humpty Dumpty?
  50. Piece of music that sees mates turn in drunk, last of all
  51. Price of nuts up -- period
  52. Put up across street for experiments
  53. Raised platform high up in burn
  54. Regiment ask for certainty protecting group assigned a particular job
  55. Searches may expose cunning
  56. Sense of location for broadcast
  57. Separate good people within group
  58. Showing great respect around company and getting better
  59. Trap -- and any animal caught therein?
  60. Urge to be hugged by accomplished leading lady
  61. Wrong to pinch king and hide
  62. Yearn to cook over soft table linen
  63. A new suggestion regarding course of finger food?
  64. A pot I ordered for courtyard
  65. Arabs lost ground in handicap
  66. Book unfortunately includes typos at the start
  67. Capone, unruffled swallowing hot drink
  68. Confused padre coming round with forest creature
  69. Doctor behind plan
  70. Doorman, discontented bruiser, carrying little weight
  71. Fierce creature American soldier upset in lock
  72. Fish bringing in right money
  73. Fresh buns -- adjust heat to brown?
  74. Letter from Rochdale physician
  75. List includes a respiratory organ set back in a reptile
  76. Lottery odds? Very small, essentially
  77. Made sauna uncomfortable, to a sickening degree
  78. Men had an argument after book taken from library?
  79. Notice record time accomplished
  80. Part-exchange due to be arranged in region to the north?
  81. Perhaps spiritual support needed over ones doctors opinion
  82. Post file
  83. Ride? Finished circuit
  84. Shrewd like Egyptian king, last in line
  85. Silver dollar ultimately pocketed by spy
  86. Small mischievous child gave away mug
  87. Source of illumination, bad in the morning in work
  88. Stroll or walk without leader
  89. Swell, best kind of desk
  90. Taking everything into consideration, loan can be arranged
  91. Thinly scattered, boxes by edge of Delamere
  92. Untold pounds collected by earls wife
  93. Wanting to ignore quicker way
  94. Won seat easily, so dont concern yourself
  95. Accusation of assault
  96. Awful snag with evil character seeking control
  97. Empty talk from friend having claim
  98. Enduring scenes central feature -- bird by a lake
  99. Engineers getting TV tuned in afresh?
  100. Factories producing line in underwear

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