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The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 12-October-2018
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The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 10-October-2018
  1. After party, that French student abandoned seduction
  2. Appeal from ship after unknown found in European waterway
  3. Barbershop possibly involved in this cornet-playing event in theatre
  4. Bills associated with this chef mostly
  5. Boozers state snapped by couple in centre of Putney
  6. Bygone filmmakers hat perhaps square in the West End?
  7. Did boss upset Tartan Army somewhat?
  8. Entering northbound motorway, remain in the same place
  9. Find lord over in moated building
  10. French teachers mnemonic for masculine nouns? A fine pointer
  11. Green veg, turning semi-hard and violet-blue, go off
  12. It may help to scrutinise charge by canine groomer
  13. Italian chap procures Greek and Oriental tree
  14. Joker once reorganised knife drawer when minding house
  15. Lens uncovered facts on the German breed
  16. Obsolescent silver? Thats flipping no good
  17. One treading on thin ice perhaps switching river fish
  18. Plump finally for Oxford after vacation drinking much ale
  19. Pub employee latterly involved in open slur
  20. Pursuing a degree, study the pineal gland
  21. Resident rebuffed new online journal written by Democrat
  22. Run for so long
  23. Sat, amongst others, by exit before one more film
  24. The old and new foreign capital
  25. Welsh lad tours clubs avoiding drink ban
  26. Within minute, graduate taking Computer Studies can create this?
  27. Work out, training on track following Christmas period
  28. Arab or Irish-American taking first question?
  29. Article about Langley people in plant
  30. Belief choirmasters beginning to repeat
  31. Change in US prison essential after evacuation
  32. Churchill at Chartwell stays closer to door
  33. Conservative lives alone in retreat for notables
  34. Dine out to entertain three kings in dream
  35. Dont talk about fate or sin
  36. Dry grass now transported, brought to the old Welsh town
  37. Enemy takes both manoeuvres similarly
  38. Film of feature length, perhaps fix copies in state
  39. Giant mushrooms no good for muscle
  40. Hassle as government department cuts pay
  41. Leander certainly wasnt this central character
  42. Lively ball requires tough doorman
  43. Old southern lawgiver one for eastern assimilation
  44. One offering vision of what may come to pass
  45. Pervert to produce contented sound climbing into bed
  46. Players notice teams leader training inside
  47. Politician appears in Oldie thats reviewed collapse
  48. Possibly regal English employed in socialist newspaper
  49. Punch adult companion
  50. Rancid meal in time causes illness
  51. Sleeping place for baby at home that dog must guard
  52. Stock set with food as image shows
  53. Tight cord flexed when first pulled
  54. Ultimately servile brute -- United follower?
  55. Understanding current things differently
  56. Vicious Scotsman pursuing alumnus produces glass
  57. Wicked party game for swingers?
  58. Box left in a mess? Utterly
  59. Broadcast of cricket test is on, clever clogs
  60. Coal not needing starter to burn
  61. Cracked up about new acceptable flavouring
  62. Edit one does after climax of novel -- to resolve this?
  63. Emotional piece audibly criticises leaderless group
  64. Fail to appear for an informal event
  65. Father, getting cut, acted rashly
  66. l? Id turned up amongst singles
  67. Lament dropping second vase
  68. Like savage warrior in bad dream as experienced by nippers?
  69. Likely to leak old Russians first work about America
  70. Neglig�e half-open, lingerie uncovered, possibly
  71. Nested containers requiring filling?
  72. Past question posed in Old English is unclear
  73. Province seeing governor not initially going round street
  74. Put new software on mobile device in truck
  75. Ready with treatment, coming in to block imaginary abstraction
  76. Restore theatre publicity
  77. Running about last no source of achievement? Its not everything
  78. Sailors song overheard -- coarse stuff
  79. Second glass not filled? Thats a slip
  80. South-eastern resort dismissing crowd damage
  81. Stone workers design of sun and moon interrupted by intellectual old woman
  82. Supposedly vital measurement thats incomplete for vehicle
  83. What allows some air into a dramatic stand-off?
  84. What newspapers rely on: scandal seeing religious figure ousted
  85. Wholl produce moving art in a mo?
  86. Abandon holidays
  87. Again, nervously circles the bull
  88. Ask advice from state official on trade principally
  89. Big appeal facing article penned by jerk?
  90. Blunder in state of anxiety when short of time
  91. Characters in plot a Roman invented about male lover
  92. Complaint of upper-class taken in by wild gambol
  93. Conceited fellow, one directing commodore on first of boats
  94. Disgruntled Picts belie chance to make ones mark?
  95. Dislike American translation
  96. Distress put right, we hear
  97. Distrust involving the French with occasionally warlike ambiguous utterings
  98. Dwelling too much inside prison
  99. Endlessly rush round aquatic mammal? On the contrary, its bizarre!
  100. Film script of alp reflected in exotic scenery

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