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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 18-December-2018
The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 17-December-2018
The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 16-December-2018
  1. I avoid returning during deadly epidemic — it's not good for me
  2. Shut up about regularly full prison system
  3. Colliery with tons for power — this carries a modest bill
  4. Grass: some caught in middle section of besom
  5. Genderless term the Irish must abandon to some extent
  6. Always note extremely wide female
  7. Aim to capture river creature from Asia
  8. Amusing or silly fool
  9. From the beginning of the season offer game course
  10. One very important obstacle for skiers
  11. Suffering nurse left in high dudgeon
  12. Figure out number leaving hell
  13. Can I get round Exchange Rate Mechanism limits?
  14. Not out and batting before wickets?
  15. Irritable and childishly ill-behaved, destroying book
  16. Decorate cricket team getting in key runs
  17. Company invested in mine that's a feature of Honiton?
  18. Mind corn regularly vanishing during scatter? Here's the answer
  19. Trouble at airline among other things
  20. Gaoled frequently, I am free finally at the last moment
  21. One can't know the reason votes aren't being counted
  22. One who boxes up gutted porgy fish
  23. Big growth in naval architecture
  24. Herb jelly covering slices of bread
  25. Source of power of family groups, mostly Conservative
  26. Prompt to include a rest
  27. Mutating algae form plants large enough to see
  28. Sailor, I would add, has turned up fish
  29. Raucous number's the finale of "Company”
  30. Turned pink and then turned into something darker
  31. Cockney's mate in Dresden, for example?
  32. Forebear perturbed at first about audible swearer
  33. Trainee officer's notice in church pamphlet, ultimately
  34. Sly, trendy man with evidence of debts
  35. Container in which egg is sent back
  36. Experienced a French river
  37. A sad teen wandering round university, sickened
  38. Mine sounds like one of two prime ministers
  39. That woman will fail at first: what a shock!
  40. Old man or woman, one living abroad
  41. Guidance engineers are given in clarity of speech
  42. Belonging to those people in that place, we hear
  43. Long to be presented in court — it's the prestige!
  44. Random mud remains in unseasonably warm spell
  45. Skill getting pitta due for distribution
  46. Ribbed southern press chief after meal
  47. Finance head of French and German
  48. Quietly relax about programme finally arranged for recording?
  49. Representatives of folk making parts of wheels?
  50. Reminiscent of benefit swallowed up by accommodation charge
  51. Old bloke in New York, a nonentity
  52. Article sibling briefly used for dissertation
  53. Walk unsteadily, initially tumbling over fish-eating mammal
  54. Container for wine?
  55. Weapon in range, however, not the first
  56. Giant uphill in pastoral setting
  57. Physicist supreme idiot, they say?
  58. Bridge put out
  59. American jerk seeing worker maybe with daughter, bowled over
  60. Engulfed by flames, amphibian remains
  61. Game taking day, touring the terraced houses
  62. Upset over Tibet, on having confined priest, surprisingly?
  63. Standard type of blood a short distance inside arm
  64. Youngsters finding last of salmon in river
  65. A personal assistant, I'm going bust, finally
  66. Irritating thing this explosive, a bomb
  67. Conceal oneself behind green coat taken from stock
  68. Figure working alongside someone who never complains?
  69. Fun with gas and air — look out of it!
  70. North of the ground, steer into that empty part of Liverpool
  71. Always delivery turns up after a term for musicians
  72. Food requiring refrigeration in cosy place — cry about that
  73. Current fine restricts hooligan
  74. Tree approximately twice the height of oak?
  75. Furthest away, a vessel into which I must climb
  76. Around South Africa, driest winds blow?
  77. The winner, me?
  78. Observe, over time, victory inspiring a writer
  79. Odd characters rubbed out, maybe detective a forgiving type
  80. Suffering hilly area, one almost entirely dug up
  81. Opportunity to play in championship finally gone
  82. Seeing that schooner, following ship
  83. In Bengal, a thick club
  84. Giant lacking good complexion
  85. Enjoyable experience of a big swimmer from a previous era?
  86. A knight with additional decoration somewhere in Northern Ireland
  87. Hesitation about time of abstinence? Back down
  88. Gloomy, having eaten hard fish
  89. Any number in peculiar top hats and skimpy female attire
  90. What sounds like common bird sound
  91. Old car not starting creates fury
  92. Pair to perform at front of one church in rehearsal
  93. Boy comes to end of the big book
  94. I? I love to eat
  95. Pussy is crossing avenue — caution!
  96. Insincere toad sadly thinking of no one else?
  97. Female just on the scene, turning up with honoured companion
  98. Shorten a span
  99. Wood used in model-making
  100. Sailor Henry's was a Spanish Catherine

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