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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 19-October-2018
The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 18-October-2018
The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers - 17-October-2018
  1. Had spiced up editorial content
  2. Colourful knight leaves full of love after church
  3. One'll defend a point after game
  4. Rogue ultimately splits faction
  5. Rabbit lover to give back trap
  6. Get engaged to escort, then split up
  7. Islander from a small island, one with brown skin?
  8. Beer from the East that's fit for a king
  9. Noddy's lack of memory recalled
  10. Voluntary payments or tribute in US a strain, on reflection
  11. When most events occur, maybe, in Big Brother's terms?
  12. Colleges in functioning state complete agreement
  13. Compassion from judge at start of trial
  14. Most tedious diet deals with disorder
  15. College with vacant refectory taking on several partners
  16. Retiring Times editor penning books - a turn-off for addicts?
  17. Men on board provide crew scaling craft
  18. Self-righteous Liberal short of company
  19. 3-D depiction of moon in play
  20. Pirate's card game
  21. Royal attendants in turbulent reign acquiring new skills
  22. Catch badly in marshier ground, conceding one run
  23. Gunners waving flag held by sailor in battle
  24. Levy for which Brussels possibly gets blame
  25. Like autocrat on a trip, passed over?
  26. Odd American dance succeeding twist
  27. Sweep up last of slush that briefly forms solvent
  28. Vexed, if ordered to throttle Labour leader
  29. Toboggan losing its rear part drifted off
  30. Tramp's friend remained with daughter in custody
  31. Stare at first person overheard at dance
  32. Note about bone group
  33. Caught in black stuff? Run!
  34. Brave, changing sides? That's not normal
  35. Creed a nun translated showing persistence
  36. Cricket side, just starting, out for fifty
  37. Sharply criticize legal charge
  38. Poor signs treated? This shows how it might go
  39. Arrange deposit for cut of beef
  40. Request to include island, Eastern, to provide colour
  41. Furious, heading off buccaneer
  42. Seen in context, remedy's drastic
  43. Clothing seen, warm possibly
  44. Look courageous, captivating English hearts
  45. Off and on, gran into special way of walking
  46. Involved in ruinous love necking careless guy
  47. Doctor has load of time for fish
  48. Six tease old battle-axe
  49. Departed from political wing
  50. Fixer referring to someone matching socks?
  51. Moving more quickly to secure extremely nice clasp?
  52. Wood, popular, excluding upper-class
  53. Over with writer replacing very first song?
  54. Frisson from area of activity in outskirts of Santander
  55. Initially trying painting - hard work
  56. City hotel supporting club
  57. Liliaceous plants taken by yellowish-brown grazers
  58. Source of strength identified by wife attending function
  59. Supervising healthy exercise
  60. Asian joke, one involving judge and sailor
  61. Position offered by sardonic headmaster
  62. What Parker displays, disturbed by current din?
  63. Ironic study dismissed by poet and dramatist
  64. His curate blunders initially in consecration of sacred elements
  65. Like priests in Times unusually backing animal shelter"
  66. ...only briefly, note
  67. Notes male attorney has penned backing City
  68. Bloke outside hotel, source of good news brought to Aix?
  69. Figure a small number badger without respite?
  70. One drinking beer half-heartedly with doctors in islands
  71. Chapter in revolutionary story bringing conspicuous success
  72. Senior officer in boat starts to lecture youth sharply
  73. Verbally unproductive? Lord!
  74. A couple of girls fussing
  75. Vitality not recorded in a number of quarters
  76. Possibly eyes Native Americans on new church feature
  77. Juice quietly taken down in Bath, for example?
  78. Muslim star going over part of UK
  79. Live in shelter closest to hand
  80. Fanciful act overturned, protecting particular chap thus
  81. This writer's against changing into a wit
  82. US politician working in dome for shady group
  83. Displaying deficiency in character-forming action?
  84. Token love-bird found in northern lake
  85. Second man splashing out rupees for cooling drink
  86. What authors do to listeners? Absolutely
  87. Stay smeared with viscid substance
  88. Dash to get form of identification set up
  89. Medical magazine showing short Greek character stabbed by weapon
  90. Regularly tell off mischievous child
  91. Supporter of Chinese communist, not a little wet
  92. Assorted bones: a good source of food for Dobbin?
  93. Hooligan's meal still to be cooked? Correct
  94. Musical chairs, first and last to go
  95. Computer program to carry out check on bank's customer?
  96. Clue penned by wordsmith in Times
  97. People next to trail in driving event
  98. We say he disposed of rubbish
  99. Second class travel for new union member?
  100. Alcoholic drink - nothing for abstainer to imbibe

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