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10-October-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Daily Crossword Puzzle Answers

  1. Kitchen device to ruin plumbing fitment
  2. Former partner has to pretend with lady, heartless indeed
  3. What you get up to in the way of tweeting
  4. Is most of gift in seedy venue related to handouts?
  5. Brand of motor ending in remote display area
  6. Usual trick, hiding ring and military medal
  7. Southern European story with a moral that might be unconnected
  8. Healthy as a pampered inmate?
  9. Fine supplier of puzzles, overlooking first one cheating
  10. Crowd in Fleet Street?
  11. Unruly old boy upset superstore
  12. Nothing quartet recalled about old instrument
  13. Representation to go up - way to attract Liberal
  14. United Nations is working in simultaneous action
  15. Strange being away from work with strike
  16. Exciting about Conservative (not Republican) taking a broad view
  17. Original shell of confectionery recreated in sugary coating
  18. Strange story about the end of expensive seafood
  19. Wild eglantine is far from lovely
  20. Something that swoops near the ground, head right back
  21. I creep about, going after each listening device
  22. Managed to amuse oneself cutting board that's not fixed
  23. Part of Burbank city
  24. Note cut lines - join again?
  25. Hunter perhaps reset gin, with transient opportunity for observation
  26. Raise stove intended, we hear, for a new layout
  27. Item is piano tune
  28. Fear losing fine musical ability
  29. Party leaders in politics expect information
  30. A top mark
  31. Line chest for a bit of fun
  32. Communiqué given no time in part of military base
  33. Threatening to have party for graduate suffering grief
  34. Varnish nearly all fine material? Question stopping short
  35. Untruth I found in key book
  36. Admiral's daughter pursued by libertine
  37. Servant, giving one away, cracked
  38. Upset record number entering target country
  39. Playing piece has all the actors leave gutted
  40. At first, bearings are seized tightly enough. Pour oil on
  41. Marine marker left by second person returning after start of month
  42. Crumbling Gothic remnant - it's something of an attraction
  43. Against former old Italian food
  44. Only just defeat star seed
  45. Stop last of dodgy group of settlers
  46. 6 ceding power left transport hub
  47. Son got out of enormous bath
  48. Cruel person beheaded river creature
  49. Herd straying and straying? Don't follow it
  50. One guards small number of competitors
  51. Brute grabbing queen's bosom
  52. Hell surrounding Biblical city seen by an austere religious follower
  53. Trying to prevent train sets being laid out wrongly
  54. Most of certain area offloading millions of unusual paintings?