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11-October-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Daily Crossword Puzzle Answers

  1. Don's conjecture
  2. Racecourse is firm, in a way
  3. Hang around south coast resort, then run
  4. A "mini-mountain" of rubbish piled up
  5. Inadequate sign at entrance to dull entertainment zone
  6. Having shed fat, I'm terribly clumsy
  7. Deficient character? Could include a daughter!
  8. Platform favourite entertaining everyone
  9. Victor Middleton regularly recording
  10. Workers in party beneficial to Anglican church
  11. Travelling to old city in west of Ghana
  12. Advanced travel needing gas
  13. Brand or scar, we hear
  14. Release neckwear for NY assembly?
  15. Harmful substance to be limited? Europe's prime task
  16. Special clothes, even
  17. Quiet island in critically difficult time
  18. An expression of emotion when that lady's in red
  19. After car check, I have reason to act
  20. Criticise a parent for hat
  21. Perfect and totally dull - one bound for university!
  22. Playing field has offensive smell coming back again
  23. Personal ornament that's over a foot?
  24. Happy one is at a peak as fighter
  25. Priest initially getting to a particular clerical activity
  26. Sort to confront Roman maybe
  27. A lake frequently high
  28. Not the architectural style of the Pisa tower?
  29. Reluctant to talk when name is brought up in rift
  30. First of Tia Maria's done for a divine drink!
  31. Bill's relation
  32. Express horror about king getting total possession
  33. Slur that brings two characters together
  34. Stuffy, as a bald man is commonly?
  35. Bridged river to the north, having installed some lines?
  36. Lines some observer sees
  37. Ace endowed with divine favour better than the rest
  38. Slice beer ingredient into container
  39. Riding attire splits audibly
  40. Whiskey or port?
  41. Very hard putting fish into pig-pen
  42. Girl mostly difficult for boy to catch
  43. How hands move without stopping
  44. A funny person finishing early with extremely operatic piece?
  45. Very elaborate punishments - a joke
  46. Small wait for such a clear sky
  47. Characteristic to employ poles for crossing
  48. Fairy nothing other than heartless, a mischievous little thing
  49. Childminder sent for pater when in difficulty
  50. Decide to do puzzle again
  51. A sleep, after upheaval: a delight
  52. One exemplifies it formally