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4-December-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Daily Crossword Puzzle Answers

  1. Fellow with skills in suit
  2. Author's novel somehow flat
  3. Black pointer — something street vendor uses?
  4. Somewhat naive error — change direction
  5. Perhaps marinade is on offer at commercial centre
  6. Need a key at work for natural looker?
  7. Fine fabric that one may cut in strips?
  8. Test sanctimonious man God spared
  9. Complain unnecessarily after fairy creates wall of fruit
  10. Renovated spindle daughter finds brilliant
  11. Girl in crouch finally loading pistol
  12. Fish taken to harbour provides work
  13. One putting money aside, pounds included, for tray
  14. Small circuit hit
  15. Nothing like these served in traditional pizzeria?
  16. Young lover, one relieved to find Leda's assailant
  17. Bluejay regularly visited meadow
  18. Hotel destined to house first-born?
  19. Yankee graduate covering her topless mate
  20. Dad and bad-tempered giant endlessly go the rounds
  21. Edict seeing energy decreasing — 50% off at first
  22. Italian port, strangely no resort
  23. Passports source crippled in dispute
  24. Poor little Bobby?
  25. Fit? Yes — unusually lively
  26. Standard help, we hear, for barrier
  27. Notes the writer meeting doctor at golf club
  28. Better off dropping husband's kitchen utensil
  29. Restrict flow in stretch of pipe
  30. Surprised exclamation about editor linked to Washington seen in river
  31. Ham producer has son in for a feed
  32. Stole — in addition — a thousand
  33. This strange exam covers one century of yore
  34. Horse must pass round wide tree
  35. They waken us when Liberal member enters
  36. Asian judge with a sheet of glass, extremely safe
  37. Locks up quartet missing feminine charm
  38. Second rescue boat finds island
  39. Survive final
  40. Aussie Brown entertains primarily sexual obsession
  41. Feline couples, they say
  42. Humble frump, relinquishing booze, lectures drunk
  43. Gym in southeast found by duke in rush
  44. Actors associated with the French big house, maybe
  45. Start university getting into arrears
  46. Mine is found in unlocked shed
  47. Believe to be unexpectedly direct
  48. Cooking ingredient, as it happens, stuffing two ducks I left
  49. Soldiers permitted to enter gym that's full
  50. A device that stops one backing horse
  51. Dog display welcomes publicity
  52. Sullen medic outside Oxford University
  53. Layman almost established around Los Angeles
  54. Initially admiral's found turning towards the stern
  55. Given to naive thoughts, remain in seedy resort