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7-November-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Daily Crossword Puzzle Answers

  1. Radio-controlled aircraft, one used by medical practitioner
  2. Back of garden behind houses in French city
  3. Fastener, one with screw loose?
  4. Charge the least possible amount for boost
  5. Asylum seeker to cater for again, mostly, embracing universal good
  6. Band still in fashion? On the contrary
  7. Tories to reform: one's slow to move!
  8. Be deceiving: a protracted row starts
  9. Cushion can keep foot warm?
  10. Business leader with responsibility for extra perk
  11. After pillage, save brass instrument
  12. Because of every other character leaving jobless, take industrial action
  13. Influence someone £0.01 overdrawn?
  14. Publication Buddhist priest rejected: dentists use it
  15. Bouquet guy found in Bordeaux, perhaps?
  16. Naughty Zulus stop talking!
  17. Storyteller working near court
  18. Heart of gold in fellow
  19. Place where a long tooth shortened, by the way
  20. Affectedly cultured chap finally thrown out of do
  21. Note brick-carrier brought back
  22. Rug is cheaper one I replaced
  23. Complex, getting neighbouring Greek island to squeeze in
  24. Digging up road to the north, moving slowly
  25. Frogman in seedy bar by river
  26. Lip, with cheek very close
  27. Monster thorn flourished nearest the Arctic
  28. European computer technology a couple of men follow
  29. Introduce first of paratroopers, then withdraw
  30. Instrument chap at party left at home
  31. Queen's issue clear, one requiring king's backing
  32. Number in team half lost after capsizing, survive
  33. Endure Paddington, for example
  34. Dish in constant use, ultimately
  35. Debasement of drug in grown-up share
  36. Square food item topped, article covered
  37. One creeping on round, sheepish?
  38. Some dipso then?
  39. Bringing in openwork fabric
  40. Liking snakes, we must be crazy
  41. Hiccup interrupting, say, Persian talk
  42. Mature insect, one initially misidentified in the past
  43. About to appear, sense of anticipation overwhelming a singer
  44. Asian runner getting taste for work
  45. Pulpit in Chesham Bois
  46. Dismiss unknown person in Casualty
  47. Ancient city, above all, unfinished
  48. Breakfast is not a sausage, also refusing alcohol, in mess
  49. Rocky extremities of crater ageing gradually
  50. Like bishops, work in special complex
  51. Interpret ideas, however ahead of the pace
  52. Cash in silver, instantly withdrawn
  53. Throw up in vehicle, one principally carrying disinfectant
  54. Genuine misprint
  55. That girl's pa has lost weight?
  56. Capital that is sunk in key venture at first