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9-November-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Daily Crossword Puzzle Answers

  1. Refuse what can be earned around London?
  2. Turning up, bishop gets to express satisfaction audibly
  3. Experts — they can provide evidence for crime
  4. Staging erotic content, hot stuff
  5. Good and mature, but unable to go up in the world?
  6. Judge a horse and a sheep
  7. Genevan, maybe, when drunken, is smart
  8. German soldier spreading most terror with op
  9. Direction from husband say, stifling a row
  10. Copied a page written by editor
  11. Explanation of desert island having left half missing
  12. Farm animal falls over in flowering plants
  13. Bone half upright on bare ground
  14. Canute, a dipper sadly not respected
  15. A revolutionary force in the kitchen?
  16. Lots of work around hospital department
  17. Circle character that calls for an answer
  18. Alternate energy, extremely different
  19. Daughter is taking care of entertainment event
  20. Dejected actors in county of Northern Ireland
  21. Cut right through hollow
  22. River runs within explosive borders
  23. After end of day canvas shelter is wide open
  24. Phone feature defective — nothing working in the country
  25. Melting in our arms — that's only seen at night
  26. Girl spends hour in routine procedure
  27. Grand forest that may surround the house
  28. Serene, though surrounded by endless pack ice
  29. Procedure observed in latest epistle
  30. Female star in cabin humourless in expression
  31. Hold arm up in tube? That may be going to work
  32. Saracens initially given 50/50 chance in game of rugby
  33. Capacious jumper, wow!
  34. Homeless person delighted to be in side ward
  35. Finally teach class or upset those in it?
  36. A haughty type turns up one miniature
  37. Apology as starter of chicken leg having feathers on
  38. Challenge accepted by one radical rising up
  39. Big band arrangement is briefly touching
  40. Gives new order to holiday towns?
  41. Inoculation to back? It should be on one's front
  42. Showed an interest in legal process and did likewise
  43. New student joins part of army course
  44. Religious medal if dear must be changed to be accepted
  45. See some of them swimming in German river
  46. Painful sore makes one get agitated
  47. Plant endlessly lucrative when propagated
  48. River: one among a number
  49. Garments flogged in this street — 50% off
  50. Like a bit of fish, being European
  51. Cleric who's left briefly, late coming in
  52. Idiot in the morning in Indian location
  53. Bill has no time for puzzle
  54. Traveller is author with American accent, speaking?
  55. Discloser of scandal troubling to well-wisher — British involved
  56. What bird is doing we misrepresented?