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The Times Specialist Crossword Answers - 9-December-2018
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  1. Cheers top side that stands tall in the east
  2. Wily players caught out by Native American in Colorado
  3. Page missing, a print's damaged? Head for toners
  4. University head away, brothers crib in medical examination
  5. One from Longchamps keeps poor horse that's not ready
  6. Correct wine put on
  7. Fruit dish
  8. "Tootsie” not much of a trail for listeners
  9. Partner in lawsuits strengthened chambers
  10. Dash following a group of spies
  11. Soldiers touring country's capital
  12. Old record behind attachment to vehicle
  13. Short summaries of mostly impressive, large volumes?
  14. Final garment off, leaving male amidst embarrassing situation
  15. Continuous music, say encountered in courts no longer
  16. Mythical devil always recalled in one paper
  17. It's forbidden to eavesdrop on unionist
  18. Call numbers up after acting unanimously
  19. Joints as before the French stuffed under lorry
  20. Residence for one in group causing disturbance
  21. What's ready in Acre port, tiny coins given out in change?
  22. Favourable votes set up? Enough said perhaps
  23. Indian out caught getting a zero, about to go in ten
  24. Those in New Year showing redness in the face?
  25. Picture captures strong tie
  26. Flowers cut to pieces
  27. Poisonous stuff in newspaper optical device shown up
  28. Deliberate deception upset engaging Italian
  29. Lizards in one school given arsenic
  30. Mostly rush around on unsprung Moscow wagon
  31. Reptile struggling alone
  32. Just time for new amphibian
  33. Beetle that was sacred in ancient Egypt
  34. Sicilian dish usually including aubergines, celery, onions, capers, raisins and vinegar
  35. Suite for piano, considered Isaac Albeniz's masterpiece
  36. Alliterative Scots name for a hanging clock with exposed pendulum and weights
  37. Faye Dunaway's co-star and producer in Bonnie and Clyde
  38. CAMRA's Champion Beer of Britain five times
  39. Deborah ____ has been a Dragons' Den investor since 2006
  40. To place things close together or side by side
  41. To convert from liquid to vapour and back again
  42. Descriptive name for realgar, an ore of a toxic element
  43. Words attributed to Caesar, crossing the Rubicon
  44. "Our people grumbled for more ____ and washing machines” (Russian ambassador, in Doctor Strangelove)
  45. Many ____ are produced with Penicillium roqueforti
  46. This is an unanswerable question for you to think about
  47. PDQ ____ is a composer invented by musical satirist Peter Schickele
  48. An adjectival meaning of "desert”
  49. Based in Switzerland, the world's largest food company
  50. The most common ester in wine, also used to decaffeinate coffee beans
  51. A number used to indicate the position of a point
  52. Surface-ripened cheese, named after an East Prussia town (now called Sovetsk)
  53. Ornamental loop, originally intended to prevent loss of a weapon in battle
  54. The capital of Niger
  55. International agreement negotiated in the 1960s, intended to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons
  56. Foodstuff used in pina coladas and some curry recipes
  57. ____ and the Trossachs National Park was established in 2002
  58. George and Ira Gershwin's I Got ____ was written for the musical Girl Crazy
  59. The gravitational equilibrium by which the earth's crust "floats” over its mantle
  60. Gary ____ played Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour
  61. "The ____ from the palace has the brew that is true” (Danny Kaye, in The Court Jester)
  62. Coastal drowned river valley, such as Milford Haven
  63. Contested at the 1912 Olympics, a variant of some throwing events, possibly favouring ambidextrous athletes
  64. Card game in which you may have to lie
  65. The part of the throat above the larynx and oesophagus
  66. 1980s pop movement which included Duran Duran
  67. Wading bird named after its feeding technique
  68. Athlete who won the javelin and 80m hurdles at the 1932 Olympics, and under her married name, three US Women's Opens in golf
  69. "Finding bad ____ for what one believes for other bad ____ — that's philosophy” (Aldous Huxley)
  70. Sherlock Holmes made his first appearance in ____
  71. Village at the southern end of the Pennine Way
  72. Sea stack in the Orkney Islands, first climbed in 1966
  73. Bette Davis starred in this 1948 film about journalists covering a wedding
  74. Beast captured by Hercules in the fourth of his labours
  75. A theatre's ____ bar serves interval drinks
  76. This is often recommended as a good way to pack a formal jacket in a suitcase
  77. The title of this Somerset Maugham novel is a quotation from Twelfth Night
  78. To pass, survive or win, but only just
  79. Sword with a sharply pointed blade, used to pierce armour
  80. What Hansel and Gretel left behind (unsuccessfully) to help them find their way home from the forest
  81. Lack of bonhomie
  82. Sculptor of the bronze David in Florence's Bargello
  83. Human beings have five ____ organs, two in pairs
  84. ____ law was a legal code, often equated with the exclusion of women from inheritance
  85. Ferrero product which apparently uses a quarter of the world supply of hazelnuts
  86. European nation whose flag has blue, black and white stripes
  87. Baroness ____ wrote the Scarlet Pimpernel novels
  88. Glam rock band whose Lonely This Christmas was the UK's Christmas No 1 in 1974
  89. Friends, followers (also gen. sing.): consortes (consortis), amici
  90. Five-year periods or boggy morasses or propitiatory offerings
  91. I brandish (vt) or flit (vi)
  92. Oh please! I beg you (think of eg Terence's fabulae palliatae)
  93. I destroy or I charge in (+ acc.)
  94. ____ sacra, Ovid. Met. 4.32: (rites) which are sacred and have been ordered
  95. Shut that door , Larry Grayson, cf. Plautus Mostellaria 425
  96. You lot take delight in (+ abl., dep.)
  97. I become, passive of facio
  98. GF: quae in lecto occentet senem, Plautus Stichus 572
  99. To advise, recommend, urge: cf. hortari, impellere
  100. Such as get XXXs from teacher

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