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1-November-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Daily Crossword Puzzle Answers

  1. Old fighter accompanying young boxer, maybe, after bribe
  2. Old letter that might have come from anywhere turning up
  3. Rendered ineffectual, ultimately you and I need such regenerating
  4. Armadillo, following short turning, passed water
  5. Shot in the arm and leg when captured by movement out of control?
  6. Day nurses run after the old, bringing nozzle
  7. Having one spike most drinks acceptable - no going back
  8. Air-arm, at manoeuvres, having the last word in medical equipment
  9. Sort of dash by police line one sees normally
  10. Scot's used shares from public limited company - he had to involve Brussels
  11. Spirit shown by fairy, loudly knocked off perch
  12. Exclamation from keen old chief I must go after
  13. Protective agent for body of racket, fitting on top
  14. Characteristic features of music: one used for article
  15. How do charges bundle up organic compound?
  16. Egg carrier with sex appeal, lacking heart, huntsman likewise
  17. First being to emerge from heavens, spinning endless fire
  18. Revolutionary fairy tale author, the first to leave music
  19. Rounds on warning from motorist that's over-sentimental
  20. Airline to fly Bristol to N America
  21. Bulky jacket which at Crécy stops headgear being worn
  22. Tart mixture interfered with catering
  23. Violent dance video played in six minutes in farming clubs
  24. Most of autumn, bather has to shift fat
  25. Variety of Norwegian meat sandwiches put out cold, to be returned
  26. Trading concern once going places with approach briefly adopted by Yankee
  27. Material's singular wordplay variety
  28. Lottery going by other name involved in very quiet and uneventful draw?