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  1. The ___ was a recent BBC One drama about a custody battle
  2. Informally, a retired member of the armed services working at the Tower of London
  3. Stay away from hen with this?
  4. Shorter of dashes into cushy chamber
  5. Sophia Loren's duet partner on the novelty single Goodness Gracious Me
  6. Dwelling in the Borders is taking on direct debit for trifles
  7. Italian driver Gabriele ____ scored 1 point in 78 Formula One races
  8. "Generally speaking, colour is a power which directly ____ the soul” (Kandinsky)
  9. Clare, say, one breaking into the middle is beyond the TUC, eg
  10. Barmy mobile call's first connected to a clot
  11. Protagonist of the Mission: Impossible films
  12. Building method using no mortar
  13. Resisting a drink
  14. Motor scooter made by the Italian manufacturer Innocenti
  15. Decks with flowers take shape among hollowed, sculpted beams
  16. A chrysalis
  17. A handgun shooting technique which passively absorbs recoil
  18. Tree where the King first appeared
  19. The part of an opera often followed by a full aria
  20. Third piece in Book II of Debussy's Preludes, depicting the "wine gate” of Granada's Alhambra
  21. Heraldic beast is first in detailed fleur-de-lis
  22. A soft drink, to an American
  23. Tall, slender dogs of Middle Eastern origin
  24. Bug Mike then hide
  25. Author of The Little Match Girl
  26. The two longest-serving members of this rock band were both born in Dartford
  27. Banking service tucked up, as they say, over a $100 matter
  28. Nickname of Lexington, in Kentucky's Bluegrass region
  29. Doctor here — let's try keeping active
  30. Another nickname for the Scottish snooker player often called the Pocket Dynamo
  31. BBC2 music show which featured the "star kicker” logo
  32. Don't interfere — put only open space up for lease
  33. Residing somewhere in a diplomatic capacity
  34. Crab on Skegness beach is near place for lobsters
  35. Element with atomic number 30, alloyed with its neighbour in the periodic table (number 29) since ancient times
  36. Motorcycle with an engine of, typically, 50cc or less
  37. Cretans, as described in the Epimenides paradox
  38. Drone earlier died on top of rocky height, time to escape
  39. Thug ignoring difficult white man in Chennai
  40. All-male Canadian rock band whose single One Week reached number 5 in the UK charts in 1998
  41. Aged manner to perturb
  42. Name that has been used for both of two consecutive parables in Luke 14
  43. 17th and 18th-century German Lutheran movement seeking to renew devotion
  44. Softly blow a drop of water
  45. Learn about absorbing unknown point of Whisky Galore!
  46. Tony Christie single featured in Phoenix Nights
  47. Silky net I stripped from inside leg armour
  48. Situations with outcomes determined by chance
  49. Important document in transportation and education
  50. Keynote article on Middle East
  51. Mountain elder in Massif Central holding record
  52. To incite, often towards immoral acts
  53. New Zealand equestrian who competed at seven Olympic Games
  54. Minutiae
  55. Indian mogul's nightmare curbing ID on Uzbeki motors
  56. Present minute coffee, say
  57. "And when love comes along, it's just a ____” (Code of Love, Spandau Ballet)
  58. Lead singer of the Velvet Underground
  59. River that's been cleared for all produces Chinese tea
  60. Ending of eight of the first 100 ordinal numbers in English
  61. Barely begin endless gush of infatuated Parisienne?
  62. The largest town on Kent's Isle of Sheppey
  63. Latin motto of the City of London
  64. Basically broken lines, term for poetry voiced bit by bit
  65. Somerset opening batsman who played for England in 76 Test and 123 ODI matches
  66. Set on fire
  67. Olympic 400m champion in 1976 and 1984, prevented by boycott from competing in 1980
  68. Around Berlin, etc, a rural dean coming straight in our direction
  69. One who enjoys solitude and social interaction in roughly equal measure
  70. Strands in blasted lies about friendly pug
  71. Tranquiliser often sold as Ativan
  72. Formally, the Queen is Her ____ Majesty
  73. African confrère in south-east is to bask in uprising
  74. On This Day In History was a regular feature of this presenter's BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show
  75. University College going through moderate interest in Shakespeare
  76. An account for food and lodging at an Oxford college
  77. American philosopher whose concepts included the "transparent eyeball”
  78. Goldie's opponent half an hour before the boat race
  79. Upsets for East Londoner's wife getting into tossed salad
  80. Know about new habit
  81. Prepares for osculation
  82. From Italian, a name for shallow ornamental wine cups
  83. In Twelfth Night, this involves Sir Toby, Sir Andrew and Maria
  84. Ornamental table centrepiece, which may hold food or flowers
  85. Entrance on horse? It's a pleasure to see
  86. Try us when travelling in the Steppes?
  87. Actor who played George VI in The King's Speech
  88. Always in, so toppled out-going turn