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7-October-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Daily Crossword Puzzle Answers

  1. A product available in only one chain of stores
  2. Irishman who's learned nothing lost office
  3. Village near Criccieth where David Lloyd George was brought up and is buried
  4. Weapon's protective covering whitish as mentioned
  5. Rod reportedly became pale
  6. Excessive sentimentality
  7. Mont Cervin, to the French, first climbed by Edward Whymper in 1865
  8. Brittle silvery-grey metallic element, used in steel-making
  9. Italian opera house opened in 1778
  10. Spring roll said to be refined
  11. Town in Umbria whose historic sites were damaged by an earthquake in 1997
  12. University in turn mocks sexual disease? Supposedly
  13. Muse of lyric poetry and music
  14. Chinese province, capital Chengdu
  15. The use of severely tailored suits by women in business, intended to project an image of efficiency
  16. Silk straight dress with stand-up collar and a slit in one side, worn by Chinese women
  17. Flies back for boring thing in Scotland
  18. Head, one ending in the soup
  19. Type of lift with no floor selection buttons, rare in the UK
  20. Add explanations to text
  21. Drum-like machine for hauling in heavy ropes
  22. Part of the brain which co-ordinates voluntary movements and maintains equilibrium
  23. Two notes on long, decorative braid
  24. Short written treatise on area not special for examiner
  25. The Lily Maid of Astolat
  26. Deep blue semi-precious stone, the original source of ultramarine pigment
  27. Sheep shelter from sun on hill
  28. Author of Le Grand Meaulnes
  29. A light or westerly wind, also a large Ford car replaced by the Granada in 1972
  30. Record gambling game in cabin
  31. Solicitors or barristers appointed as a part-time judges in the Crown Court
  32. Location of the US Congress, and a residential area of Washington DC
  33. Matrix ducks accommodating extreme Brazilian state
  34. The ____ Girl in the School started a series by Enid Blyton
  35. "When the Honours List is full of ____s, millionaires, and-er-chumps, you may be quite sure that the Government is seriously ill" (Arnold Bennett)
  36. Highland forecaster upset by cuts
  37. Berkeley Square songbird
  38. Former large naval base and dockyard town in Fife
  39. Pleased to keep one favoured cereal ingredient
  40. Trademark for thin transparent wrapping material, made from viscose
  41. Yorkshire's smallest city
  42. Portable organs furnished only with reed-pipes
  43. Clapped-out like a brolly
  44. Lorenz ____, lyricist of Pal Joey
  45. Honour given to lecturer, one showing marks on script
  46. An alternative name for the "Athens of the North"
  47. Wyn, once a gorgeous lady is Sorbian
  48. Juan Manuel ___, Formula 1 world champion from 1954 to 1957
  49. Outlaws second-class guys seeking publicity
  50. The Mock Turtle said it consists of Ambition, Distraction, Uglification and Derision
  51. Heraldic animals formerly seen in French city square
  52. ____ Bay railway station incorporates the Caledonian MacBrayne terminal for ferries to Rothesay on the Isle of Bute
  53. Quite filling spread with pasty
  54. British driver who was Formula 1 world champion in 1976
  55. In English, a decorative coating for the outside of buildings, though simply "plaster" in its original language
  56. Author of Haroun and the Sea of Stories
  57. Martin ____ directed Taxi Driver and Raging Bull
  58. Perfume ingredient: get it in Middle Eastern state, no question
  59. Film unhappy defeat
  60. International yachting trophy currently held by the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron
  61. Piece of armour, covering the chest and back
  62. The ability to use language proficiently
  63. ____ crunch, a sit-up
  64. Seattle plant succeeded with present and former President
  65. Is the outline styled as such?
  66. Domestic fowls which lay white eggs
  67. Volcanic island in the Atlantic discovered by Joao da Nova Castella in 1502
  68. 1930s film star such as Errol Flynn, Clark Gable or Rudolph Valentino
  69. Very good old van for youngster or banger from the Gorbals?
  70. Rich, fashionable young people
  71. Insectivore not popular in a south-eastern state
  72. Cricketing fielding position on the off-side
  73. Methodist orator who is not an ordained clergyman
  74. Dislike days without a course of action ending in victory
  75. Buzz ____, a Space Ranger superhero in the Toy Story films
  76. Town in southeastern France, where nougat is made
  77. Article about large Mediterranean units
  78. Outcomes, which in the original meaning of the word, could be bad as well as good
  79. Actress, anti-nuclear and feminist activist, who won an Academy Award for her role in Klute in 1971
  80. Your setter finally tails off? The reverse, lots on offer here
  81. Actor who won a best actor Golden Globe for his portrayal of General Patton
  82. & 28 Down: Bill Forsyth's 1983 film about a Texan oil baron wishing to buy a Scottish village for his firm
  83. Seasons in the case of Blackpool: rainy or windy!
  84. Warwickshire-born novelist who wrote Romola
  85. See 33 Across
  86. Extremist in bizarre rituals is thrown out
  87. Prestigious London shopping location, planned by John Nash
  88. German cipher machine used in the Second World War
  89. Regular presenter of Newsnight
  90. Fox TV's latest: 9/11 vacuously presented